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  2. Maybe they're thinking of him as Mack's replacement?
  3. yep.. mccoy was a nice find.
  4. This is a good thing.
  5. you're not my real dad!
  6. The morality and justness mean nothing if you can't win an election and enact that policy into law. You seem to want purity and perfection regardless of the consequences. I'd rather have someone get elected who will push policy towards our goals, and you can't do that if you scare off or turn off the majority of the public. It's not waffling. It's understanding the political reality and working within that to get better policies even if we don't get as much as we want. Donald Trump will move those policies in the opposite direction. I'd rather prevent that then lose on some unwinnable and unpopular moral stand.
  7. yep.. when he visited to check on our engineering program a short time ago he discussed that program with them. the issue with murphy is more about fit in our 3-4 compared to wanting to be in the 4-3.. he has stated this a number of times. i am hoping we can overcome that, but I am not confident in that.
  8. Wow chiefs.. way overpaid on that ..
  9. i have man the guns but i've yet to play a vanilla hoi4 campaign with it, i'll need to check it out again after imperator.
  10. All I know for sure there is Falcons have shown a lot of interest in him. I am rationalizing the offensive tackle part of it to make sense of it.
  11. Praise be to the Mother, for she has taken mercy on me! The new TV I ordered was not supposed to be here until next week, but now it's arriving tomorrow. Warrior willing, I will have it up and mounted in time to watch the Battle of Winterfell properly.
  12. If we could get anywhere near this haul for Grady he needs to be gone yesterday
  13. Yes, pretty much every player does this. No competent team really thinks that it is getting a "discount" by locking up a rising star early to long term contract.
  14. In the Man the Guns DLC you can choose national focuses that turns the United States into a communist government and team up with the Soviet Union to wage a war of liberation against the imperial powers. The only thing that disappoints me about it is that FDR doesn't remain the president.
  15. Weak, same usual under weights at typical positions we are light in then throw in the uga homer and draft a guy who is slower then my dead grandma with hands of stone. Yea I'll pass on this one, horrible draft.
  16. Depending on what they told Kline, it could be another instance of obstruction. If they are telling witnesses to not participate in a lawful investigation, that's pretty serious. If they claimed that they are exerting executive privilege for the documents and his testimony, that'll be a legal fight. But at the very least, we need to know what they told him specifically.
  17. I'm going to need you to spend less time on that game and more time on real constitution writing. I can only edit in Word Perfect, so please plan accordingly.
  18. Thats what happens when you get into a bidding war and im glad that Atlanta doesnt get into them too much
  19. I like him but don’t love him - have been honest about it. I believe the conventional wisdom on TATF that he is gonna be on field and collapsing the pocket on passing downs, just doubt he will be utilized as much in those spots as you and others that love him more than me. If we draft him, I hope to be wrong. As always, whomever we will draft I will support.
  20. I have the same reticence as the hard-liners in this thread but I also recognize the necessity of fundamental "democratic" integrity
  21. By century I figured you meant, of the last hundred years, not since 2000
  22. I'd be pretty happy with that draft.
  23. A- ....which is better than 95% of other GM's in the same timespan It's the TATFliban armchair GM's that seem to get troffed around here.
  24. Honestly, we have a crowd at S now and could use CB depth, but if Berry did a 1yr limited and off into the sunset deal as a role player here? (3rd safety in certain coverage packages?) Let him think about it and let’s go.
  25. I've also seen him compared to Aldon Smith.
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