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  2. As the idiot Beau Bock said " Id trade him for a corn muffin"
  3. I thought Sark was fine. Improved OLine was about all he needed.
  4. Exactly @ukfalc The Patriots do this better than anyone. Rarely if ever, fall in love with a player.
  5. I agree with the OP. Hooper is good. He is not great. I say get everything you can for him now.
  6. Like I have said many times. People on the boards questioning Ryan's heart. He's the toughest QB in the League! That dude constantly gets hit and keeps fighting. He's not perfect, but he's my QB!
  7. I want the pats to go over a cliff, or at least get bounced ASAP. Mostly because I'm sick of them, but now that we have one of their picks, I have extra incentive. Not that DummyTrough will do anything with it anyway
  8. Beto isn't going to be VP. His value as a VP was helping flip Texas, but that is DOA now that he is a gun grabber that wants to eliminate church tax exemptions.
  9. The main issue is it’s hard to run the ball when your D is porous and teams jump on big leads. The 2017 wasn’t this bad... you down by 10-20 in a hurry, the run game goes out of the window.
  10. I don’t know if it will happen or not, I just know it won’t until we know who is running things in the coming years. My money, however, is on them bringing in guys to fall right in line with Blank so I also doubt OR particularly want it to happen.
  11. And he is going to make them worse .
  12. I predict some team will trade a 4th for him...
  13. See @FalconsIn2012 post but I agree 2017 wasn’t as potent BUT that mainly was due to losing Chester for Wes and AFTER Levitre got hurt, THEN the RZ offense became terrible.
  14. If you think analytics are fake stats than you have no idea what analytics actually are or how teams use them. Normal stats say Ryan threw an interception on Sunday. Analytics tell you Ryan threw a positive throw and Sanu is at fault for tipping the ball to a defender. Which tells the true story? Are there BS analytics? Yes. But it’s how you use them and use it to help in decision making, not an end all be all.
  15. Great post. I bought an interesting book about the cap recently, and - althoughI’ve not read it yet - I think it has a chapter which draws a similar correlation. I’ve always believed that to “beat the cap” and be successful in this area you have to focus on value for money - and you don’t find it by spending of big names. The best players get a diosproprtionte amount of money, and rarely provide the extras production that justifies it. Just look at Julio. A great player without doubt, but how much production do you need to get to justify $22m a season. Even if he matches his career best numbers, You there will be a bunch of other players who give their teams 90% of the production for much smaller fraction of that cost. It is far better to spread the wealth and build a team with depth, than to build a top heavy roster will all the the money invested in a handful of stars earning top 10 money. Hand out big contracts is risky ( because that big money buys you zero production if a guy gets hurt) ’and leaves you without the cap space to acquire the depth needed to be able to manage injuries. I am not against all big contracts. Top QBs are still just about worth the money in my view, and I can understand teams wanting a few other star players and/or cornerstone pieces. However, you have to be very careful about how many you give out, and the players you give them to must stay healthy and have to be difference makers. Their deals need to structured in a way that allows you to release the player without too much damage if they do become unproductive.
  16. Please be true!!! And then trade Tru, too!!
  17. Lot of these folks are actually running for VP they just can't say it
  18. They would take him. The LBs here are bad in Kansas City
  19. Run game left with KS. Last potent run game was in 2016.
  20. I'd be down with getting Freeman's salary off our books if it would be possible to find a trade partner that would take on his contract which might be a tall order. I love Freeman but we way overpaid for him and at this point if somebody even offered a 6th or something I'd do it. We can probably find a capable replacement and we have Ito, Hill and Ollison(which for some reason we haven't seen yet). I know this is not popular here but if we could find a trade partner even for Ryan I think I would do that if they offered the right thing. Our next coach might not think Ryan is right for his system and I'd be down for going in another direction and that is a huge contract we'd be rid of. Stockpile draft picks, free up salary and get a good offensive minded coach and we could be rolling again in a year or two if we were able to draft the right qb. Sign some quality free agents with the freed up I crazy for thinking like this? I love Ryan but we've had him for what, 11 or 12 years? We haven't really accomplished much and it's not his fault, but he's getting up there in age and our team has so many holes. I don't know, I'm just kind of spit balling. I just know we're in trouble and not sure what is the best route to get us back on track. And yes, we need defense.
  21. I am also unsure how this means employees oppose ESI?
  22. White Chocolate Twix
  23. Honestly I think Oliver could make the transition to SS, he's not afraid to tackle or lay a lick, and his coverage at that position wouldn't be as big of a detriment.
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