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  2. thats a pretty obscure reference...nice pull....centers was more of a threed down pass catching threat, no?
  3. I suspect you’re right. Can you think of any examples?
  4. Don't Care
  5. He will get snaps, but Free is primed for a Comeback Player of the Year kind of season
  6. Just, feelings.
  7. Quality rebuttal
  8. You might want to worry about something more important .. my life is fine “off” TATF . Memorial Day is Monday .. have a few brews before you have to go back to work Tuesday .
  9. Don't care.
  10. I wasn’t speaking to you.
  11. Just a football related aside Having a good line doesn’t guarantee a good run game.
  12. On behalf on literally everyone else here, we'd rather you both either ignore each other forever or work it out in the bedroom offline.
  13. Yeah, that was a bad dude. Ollison has those hands.
  14. Dang shift..
  15. He apologized. Accept it and move on
  16. Yeah, but if it’s clearly made up racism it’s not entertainment and certainly not kosher with me
  17. At least it’s regressing.. why bring up stats when they don’t matter.. lol
  18. thats a name i havent heard of for 25 years..
  19. You might want to cut back on your drinking.
  20. Whatever man it’s all made up.
  21. Been that way for over a decade.
  22. It was Lindstrom, but I’m over it
  23. Ok so I get the no-go on certain jokes, but can we lighten the censor a bit? I can’t use some words here that my grandma uses...
  24. 4 walks and 2 hbp but he's pitching greeeeeeaaaatttttt.
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