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  2. No sanctions against Turkey. Trump is totally not compromised.
  3. Yeah but why settle for 20 when u can make double that then I guess check out? But I get what your saying..
  4. How much of a difference do you think it will make for our offensive line if Chris Lindstrom comes back week 10 or whatever it is and plays well? Do you think that would be enough to make the offensive line a non liability to Matt Ryan? I actually think the offensive line could be really good with the guys they have now if they just had time to gel.
  5. That is a big reason as to why they lost. It doesn't, however, explain the blowouts. We've both gone over McGovern enough to explain his blowout loss, but Mondale and Dukakis were particularly weak candidates going against very strong ones, one of which ushered in a realignment of the party systems.
  6. Anonymous scouts and executives are always psychic. They're the same ones who would've drafted Brady, Wilson, Prescott, or (Insert Non-1st Round All-Pro or Pro Bowl player here) in the 1st round but were "overuled". Vic was pretty unanimously seen as a top 10 pick and the top pass rusher in the class, who just needed to develop as a run defender. Obviously it didn't work out that way but that statement was ridiculous.
  7. You don't have to be in it for the long haul if you're satisfied with over $20 mill
  8. Feisty??? I asked a question and you tip toed around it. If you can't answer it honestly just say it
  9. For the right price,and if TD and DQ weren't doing the drafting.
  10. The entire OL. Mack has regressed so much, and the Carpenter & Brown signings have been lack luster for us. Kazee, Ricardo, Trufant, and Oliver have been liabilities for us in coverage. Not to mention the putrid play from Campbell and Ishmael. Freeman lost a little juice. Keith Smith has been an average blocker at best. Pass rushers? Don’t have any besides Jarrett and Clayborn. Beasley and McKinley have been MIA.
  11. @HolyMoses this seems bad.
  12. Nope... didn’t read all the replies. Getting rid of one of our best players who is still young is not a good idea. Just gonna leave it at that.
  13. Bevell was simply too logical. A tad too run heavy, but I guarantee our TOP and offensive balance would be far improved...Ryan likely has several less turnovers. This past off-season, with respect to the hiring of coaches and offensive personnel felt like an amateur with no background in professional sports made all the decisions. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think Quinn had much to say in this off-season except for the last few signings, Clayborn and Bailey
  14. can you provide a link for the study that graph comes from? the suggestion that the republicans barely moved from 80 to 12 is making me extremely skeptical of the methodology.
  15. Cocaine sniffles too.
  16. "Now people are saying about the Turkey outcome...WOW...what a good job." Trump 10/23/19
  17. I still think the Raiders or the Ravens may bite.... especially if the Falcons pay part of his remaining 7 mil.
  18. My question is why is Wes still on the team wasting valuable OL space?
  19. I guess Trump is trying to shield Zuckerberg from press coverage. He's being as slow as possible. MSNBC needs to swap to Zuckerberg.
  20. yeah I just recogize the name is all. Don't know much about him
  21. This is some dumb*** she-it here. The fact you even half believe this...ah forget about it, you cannot help some people.
  22. This one really, really hurts.
  23. Ew he just did this really nasty tongue move. ewwwwww, he's licking his lips.
  24. He is a product of Fox News.
  25. Gotta live Tulsi going Democrat rogue. About time someone from the same party gave Hillary her what for.
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