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  2. My cuts / trades: 1.Trade 'Fart ($4.4M dead cap) but cap savings of $10.75m. 2.cut Neal $6.75m cap savings. 3. Stocker $3.2750 savings 4. Allen Bailey $4.5M savings (post June 1st) 5. Sambrailo (post June 1st) $4.750 6. Trade Defumblè freeman $6.5 savings. Creates $3M in dead cap for 2 seasons but has to be done either way as we must draft Swift. Total savings $36.5M. Top 51: roughly $171,339,000 Dead cap: $12,774,333 Total amount = $184,079,000 Cap space = $18M.
  3. You have to wonder how different Richt’s legacy would be if he coached at UGA in the playoff era. We likely win 2 NC’s under his reign in a playoff format
  4. As his own people tried to tell him, ISIS will be making a come back. Sure enough, they are now assassinating certain leaders across the region where they were freed. The stable genius proves again he doesn't know sh't.
  5. Dolphins are definitely going to take a QB at one. They gave up on the Rosen experiment in about 3 games, that is telling. if we can’t get Young, AJ Epenesa is gonna be real good. His stats aren’t as impressive, but he has played better comp and gets doubled every snap it seems. He single handedly wrecked havoc when PSU played Iowa also like Gross-Matos from PSU as a very well rounded DE, but he would be a trade down in 1, or maybe trade up from high 2. G, i would get rid of the guys you mentioned as well. May add Mack to the list ($8M in savings)...but I would be trying to make trades. nothing wrong w stockpiling draft picks, even if they are mid-late rounders. still not sold on moving on from Hooper, unless he prices himself out...but would definitely try to negotiate a deal. If he prices himself out, then you should be looking at a round 3-4 pick. i am also ok with trading Takk if the price is right. He seems to be in serious decline.
  6. I wouldn’t blow it up, not with Julio and ryan still playing at high levels. That plus most people were saying 3 months ago we have one of most talented rosters in nfl. Biggest problem on this team is coaching. I’ve been saying that for over two years now. Get a new coach in here with a vision of how to win with Matt/Julio and let him decide who to keep and let go. Bring in young, innovative coordinators together with some seasoned position coaches who can teach fundamentals. Yes, some will be kicked out the door (Beasley for sure) but blowing it all up just for sake of doing that is just an (over)reaction to a very bad year. The cubbard’s not bare, even on D you’ve got two young studs (Debo and Grady) to build off of. This is still a fairly young team on D. We’re going to have a chance to add some playmakers from upcoming draft to an already talented core. A couple home runs in the draft (see 2016) together with a couple key free agent additions who know how to win (ala Dwight Freeney) together with a new coaching staff who have actual game plans would do wonders. Coaching matters. Look what Smitty and his staff did in 2008 after the cluster-f*** of the year before. And this team is more talented than that one was. It just needs to believe in itself again, which is what smith and his staff did with that 2008 team.
  7. wtf do you want the man to say ? Julio gonna destroy me. Where did he say anything wrong ? All he said was Hopkins and Julio aren’t similar. Julio hasn’t exactly been lighting up opponents the last few weeks either. LOL , so because he said it would have been crazy if he were in his groove. He’s making arrogant excuses ? Lol if you have watched football over the years then you shouldnt be typing that last sentence. I love his arrogance and cockiness. Football players dont have that anymore and it shows.
  8. Nobody thought he had a stacked roster in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Maybe he is elevating players more than we realize. Players like HD & Jenkins thrived under Ryan and washed out after him. TG thrived, Hooper turned into a PB player while young players such as Ridley & Gabriel have made their mark. Sanu wasn’t considered a premier #2 receiver until playing with Ryan....the list goes on. Ryan is diminished because he has Julio. But that relationship is more even than most realize. They make each other better. Just imagine how much better they would be if Julio was like Hooper during the off-season. But I digress...Julio’s greatness isn’t in question. Just feel he & Ryan could be an even greater duo
  9. Yeah he would, and he would go a long ways to fixing the Rush. You get him and line him on the other side of Sheffield and trade the horse faced bail artist to another stable. In the off season you sign clowney as a bookend for Takk, and boom you have both a solid back field and a pass rush.
  10. But he could have won us a SB in 2017...don’t ya think?
  11. I knew Id find one. Thanks for making this a 3-way.... And solid contribution to the topic
  12. If there is one thing I am sure of it is that we will find a way to not get Chase Young or the Dolphins will just take him at #1 and wait for a QB another year.
  13. Smitty 66-46 - (7 seasons) inherited a Quitrino dumpster fire, worked with lesser talent than Quinn Quinn 37-34 - (4.5 seasons) inherited a better situation than Smitty, more talent than Smitty. Smitty after 4.5 seasons - 48-23 i don’t even see a comparison. I’ll throw in Leeman Bennett for good measure. 6 seasons 46-41.
  14. At least we would've had him to promote to HC.
  15. Prayer for you 567. Hoping you Take a break, and get yourself well. Well mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can tell you’re exhausted, as would anyone in your situation. And you're not a failure, you did all you could do with so much adversity staring you right in the face. That took a ton of courage. Respect, a lesser man would have disappeared. rest up, get yourself well, and get back to school. Don’t ever give up on your dreams bro. I believe in you.
  16. If I was HC, I’d honestly get kicked out of the game like in baseball. I’d be up in the refs face for not protecting my QB like that
  17. Sorry to hear about your moms boyfriend. most time you'll never understand why things happen. One thing you may want to try to do is get the negativity out of your heart man. Having negative thoughts daily isn't going to make any situation any better than what it is man. You need to try and find some type of positive light somewhere in your life and stick with it or you're gonna have a tough road ahead for the rest of your life.
  18. The team is 1 - 6 with a healthy Matt Ryan. Playing Matt Ryan with a sore ankle isn't going to make the defense better. Sit him.
  19. Today
  20. Lafleur would not fix this defense. If this defense was Top 20 we’d be 5-2
  21. hey leave Freddie out of this ****. He's the only bright spot of the year.
  22. Only took 2 hours of talking to yourself , but you found a friend
  23. We e been outscored 130-50 in the first half. It’s on everyone, including the owner, cheerleaders & mascot
  24. I mean who gave Quinn the greenlight to hire freaking Steve Sarkisian to run one of the best offensive schemes in the NFL and then can him 2 years later when it was finally starting to come together? I feel like Quinn is a bit too optimistic which leads him to make terrible decisions thinking we have too much talent to fail.
  25. I’ll take Quinn for the first half and Smitty in the 2nd half
  26. Yup. Quinn was smart when hiring Shanny. His reasoning: “Kyle was the toughest OC to match wits with when he was a DC.” He then hires Sark who he never matched wits with on a Sunday and follows that up by hiring the guy who Shanny replaced
  27. It was crazy seeing people try to justify not hiring Lafleur because of not having any playcalling experience. Common sense would be to at least take a chance with someone from Shanny’s coaching tree, especially someone that had good repoire with Matt. Bringing in someone that didn’t know the scheme never made a lick of sense.
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