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  2. Cover-0 10 times a game and see what sticks, 50-0 at halftime who cares?!
  3. It’s all about his wallet and personal life. IF/when this affects him directly his tune will change like all of them on the right.
  4. Yep nothing good came out of those last 3 wins, only a worse draft pick in each round.
  5. I'd be afraid if someone brought Montana off the street to play us.
  6. This means Quinn will be fired in 3 weeks.
  7. Arthur Blank worries too much about how firing DQ during the season will look like... he ignores that all experts agree that DQ is coaching the worst the NFL has seen in a decade... people are dissecting dozens if defense plays and ridiculing the Falcons that it goes on week after week after week... if the owner ignores that and does nothing, it actually looks worse not firing the HC... now I realize that with this statement he prepares everyone for a move during the bye week but Blank needs to do it with more authority... I hope this is at least done internally.
  8. The product on the field is the responsibility of the coaching staff
  9. yeah but Alford wasn't bench till late in the year. The DC may have been fired but the real DC of this team has always been Quinn. He also hired Kutty for more continuity. Freeman is washed up and not as good as everyone thinks he is, and Matt Ryan still struggles making deep throws. Defense has the same ailments as last year. can't defend the run, and a lot of players regressed (Campell, Trufart, Oliver, Bustley, Takk, and Kazee).
  10. Oklahoma covers?
  11. And Mariota is no longer starting for the Titans. Benched! Let THAT sink in!
  12. I am more surprised we actually stopped the other 44%.
  13. Vel I’ll bang the table for a guy to be somewhere in this building when it comes to retooling yeah I would in some capacity.
  14. Apparently its Sheffield > Oliver for now...Tru has to play to be trade bait...right?
  15. I cant imagine paying to watch this team play. Im curious to see the turnout at the next home game
  16. We benched Alford for Oliver. That didn't carry over. Quinn decided after the fact to change both offensive and defensive coordinators. Momentum didn't translate because too much changed. BUT you aren't seriously suggesting the Falcons would've lost on purpose? Doesn't. Happen. Therefore, both sides of the argument are wishful in their thinking at best. One wants more discipline to be learned on the job and translate to next year. Another wants a higher pick. Why can't we have both? You aren't out tanking last years Cards or Bucs team.
  17. I believe we do but we have a loss in communication in people doing there jobs. We also have a coaching issue across the board which creates the perfect storm of thee above. I also go by the adage when building a team 7-8 guys that do there jobs and 3-4 that do a bit more. I get the feeling alot in this fan base think this is an all star game a team of stars in every spot is what’s needed.When in all essence that isn’t the case.
  18. By that logic, smart teams should trade all of their draft picks for cash.
  19. Yep, but where they get in trouble is too many players are playing zone like it's a static coverage. It's not. It's a living breathing animal with rules that adjust the responsibilities. But then when they actually try to function like a live coverage, they bust it by not even following their initial responsibility. It's maddening and I fully understand why DQ is so confused at what to do. He's running as basic of coverages as he can without exposing his defense and they still can't get those right. So what do you do?
  20. Get a young bright offensive mind as head coach, and then get a tried and true veteran DC.
  21. Nah, Campbell is playing it correctly. Ish messed up from the get go. He was supposed to come over and play the flat in a zone like Kazee on the opposite side. Ish was playing as if he were the FS.
  22. It's so bad this season that I'm not even mad about how good the Saints and Panthers are doing. We've got too many problems to even care about them.
  23. You guys do realize that's against the Rams, Seahawks, and Saints, right? It will be hard for us to show progress over the course of the next 3 weeks.
  24. If that's the case, then a depth pick would be the only necessary time to draft a CB. Sheff was awesome. He's a future starting CB, might even replace Oliver now. It now becomes a conversation on comfortability with Tru/Miller
  25. Thats before he invested 1/2 billion into 5 players. Blank has to be steaming that he has paid out that kind of loot and gotten these returns...
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