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  2. Too little value in upgrading (possibly) RT @14.
  3. Praying you are wrong, brotha.:.
  4. Draft serious??! You do understand that entire leagues front office job security is the draft order picks and F.A signings. This is their playoffs moment! Make no mistake.....every team knows their weaknesses and know who the star recruits one is getting fooled unless you are Cleveland Browns! Heck, even Browns last year did great in drafts.
  5. Dem ripper
  6. Need some facts to back this up...
  7. If Bosa fell to 5 or so sure. It would be a more palatable trade to go from 14 than the jump from 25 or so for Julio Jones. lets just say off Bosa, Allen or a Williams are there at 5, which one could very well be, I hope TD kicks the tires on the cost at least.
  8. I just don't see it. I'm thinking 100% ol but we will see...
  9. Simmons doesnt pass the filter anyway
  10. I wouldn’t have an issue with it
  11. Maybe flip it lol. Wonder how much of this is smoke.
  12. Also Mayock has already decided he's bringing in his own guys to help with the draft (prospects, trades, etc) Y'all gotta remember these scouts are Reggie McKenzie's guys. Not Mayock and Gruden's.
  13. Do u rake Simmons at 45 and shelve him til December if he is available?
  14. Top 2 run defense, and its Davison
  15. You right. Forgot about Davison. I actually like him slot for us, but like Poe, his stats won’t reflect his value so he will be bashed on TATF. Hagemen is a question mark
  16. Can he play DE? Seems to have the traits for it.
  17. I don't think Simmons is gonna drop to #45. I could see Sweat dropping to #14 because of the heart condition.
  18. and going to be fun to watch too bad it wasn't the taints that hired him
  19. Where's the BEEF???
  20. I like Clay, Davison, and Hags but in no way do they fix this line like these guys think. Clay is a rotational dude that will get 2-4 sacks. Hags may be able to continue to build off of his 2016 we don't know. Lastly Davison is nothing more than a run stopper. He'll see around 40% of the snaps and isn't a threat in the pass rush.
  21. you don't really find out until after the draft. Teams try to keep some of the workouts and interviews private.
  22. I doubt that was lowest point of the past three years but it's certainly in the running for the stupidest
  23. We didnt see Julio Jones pick coming. Dimitroff gambled big for a franchise changing player. So, my question to the smart folk on this thread is this: Given the number of picks we have this year and the next 2 years to give and trade worthy players on our roster now, is there a scenario where he goes and gets Bosa? Serious answers please.
  24. They're already planning on overturning the entire scouting department. That's why scouts are leaking things and taking jobs with teams right now. And that's why they sent everyone home, they already were planning on not keeping any of them.
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