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  2. Don’t forget the 0-4 preseason? They were telegraphing this even before Week 1!!!!
  3. Julio still got him at times .. But he markets himself like no....other...Florida State CB ..
  4. I dunno, Matt Ryan got sacked 5 times today. Devonta has like 20 yards rushing. Seems like the old adage about winning in the trenches is true. If this was an issue this week only, then okay, but our oline has been awful more often than not over the last decade. Meanwhile, on the other side of the sacks on Goff. Matt Ryan isn't the biggest issue though. Obviously, that is the defense who is helping Jared Goff look like an mvp. Same as they did for Kyler Murray. Same as they did for Marcus Mariota. Need I go on?
  5. Stfu you ****burger
  6. I am not going to be narrow and define TD by a position group or any other narrow slice of players. He's pulled in a lot of quality players and I will not ignore that just because I'm mad at the way things have turned out. I personally think he has gotten the players the coaches asked for, made the contracts that were needed to keep the players the coaches asked to keep. Like DQ, if you want something new to maybe get a different outcome, I get it but TD has been in my opinion a pretty good GM but I am not going to defend his staying...I don't care if Blank blows it all up.
  7. Oh please believe!!! Danny Boy is cleaning out his $hit today!!!!
  8. Funny how tv doesnt show the stadium crowd when its only half full
  9. Blow this shameful embarrassment up!!
  10. Exactly **** was annoying af yeah hes jalen Ramsey so ******* what...
  11. A trade? NO. Retirement could work if it cancels the guaranteed money.
  12. Not really. You're basically just making the same arguments that Dershowitz made when his associations and "massages" became public.
  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found that funny. And I bet the call actually came in on the mic as “Victory”!
  14. Quinn is gone he better clean that office out before he leaves today... seriously there is nothing to defend him at all!
  15. Why are we still watching this? It's Autumn for God's sake.
  16. What just happened? Lost my feed.
  17. That last punt for Rams TD was hilarious, so at least the Bad Dream has a sense of humor.
  18. White Flag formation.
  19. At this point, we have to realize that it's time to move into a different direction when it comes to the QB of this team.
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