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  2. Yes, and for football purposes he will be 23yrs old through 90% of his rookie season. We would be extending him at 28yrs old for 4-5yrs to ages 32-33 which willl be fine if he maintains his body and limited injuries.
  3. This. Not the unknown hidden gem he alluded to.
  4. I just don't see the big upside in Wilkins. He's a safe pick but I want someone with alot more upside. - Wilkins is an overstated athlete, his closest pro athletic comparison is Maliek Collins who's a 67th percentile athelte. - Short arms - Lack of pass rushing moves - 24 year old rookie All those things combined limit upside. People forget he's about 2-3 years older than most of the other top DT prospects in this class. Something to keep in mind when comparing.
  5. Well i am sure Cody Ford will be gone so i will say Jonah Williams. OT is our true first choice IMO
  6. “I don’t want to get involved. I’m not going to get involved,” the president said, according to Mr. Porter’s notes. “I’m not going to do anything or direct you to do anything. I just want to be treated fairly.” Remember when James Comey said that Trump talked like a mob boss? i’ve been taking **** from certain people on here for being pretty bent out of shape about Trump. Convince me that it’s emotionally healthy not to be.
  7. I often am conflicted about the death penalty.....this is not one of those times. I hope that bastage burns in Hades
  8. Wilkins played all up and down that Clemson d-line. He lined up and played nose tackle, 3-tech DT, DE on snaps while still playing the run and rushing the QB effectively. Wilkins can do a lot of things on a defense.
  9. OK guys this is where you armchair GMs can get hindsight protection. Post your real time draft picks in this thread and you'll be able to check in here years down the road and prove that the players you thought we should have drafted were not in hindsight. Post your pick in each round when we're on the clock. No editing allowed. Any edits disqualify your picks. I have two friends (mentors) in town tomorrow in concert and will be attending. There's a chance I might miss the first round so here is my first round Falcon big board. My real time first round selection will be the highest player on this list who's still on the board when we're on the clock. I'm listing 20 players in case we trade down. I'll try to rush home in time to post when we're on the clock, but in case I can't make it here it is: Nick Bosa Quinnen Williams Devin White Josh Allen Jawaan Taylor Ed Oliver Andre Dillard Rashaan Gary Jonah Williams. Cody Ford Devin Bush Dexter Lawrence Montez Sweat Christian Wilkins Brian Burns DeAndre Baker Dalton Risner Greedy Williams Byron Murphy T.J. Hockenson If you need hindsight protection post your real time picks here when we're on the clock.
  10. Thank you falcon blood. I know it.was incredible I. Really appreciate it. It made.tye board.the last few.weeks.
  11. Not as big an issue at DT as it is at RB, WR, DB where you need to maximize years in 20s before athletic drop off...Wilkins will easily see a 2nd contract which is plenty to get from a Top 15 DT prospect....
  12. He will be a very good NFL player
  13. I fear it's going to be Greedy Williams, and I dread the board implosion. I desperately want Oliver and would happily "settle" for Christian Wilkins. I suspect our plan is to trade back into the first round for our d-lineman. So, my biggest prediction is that we pick twice tomorrow.
  14. The Dexter Lawrence love is crazy. I imagine everyone’s just trying to justify not trading up by squinting really hard and saying there’s a DT that will definitely be at 14 who is worth it
  15. To be sure, I think he might be a really good fit here and possibly a good pick at 14. I’m just not good with trading up for him.
  16. I love Wilkins ....not sure he’d be there at 14
  17. If we move up, I hope it's Oliver but I won't complain if Wilkins is "our guy". As much as I've grown to like the idea of Lawrence, I'm not sleeping on Wilkins. He's a great prospect in his own right and his floor may be the highest of any DT in the draft.
  18. Easily the better player...I’ve watched 19 games of Clemson film...trying to hope for more pit of Dex....every time I’m left seeing how quick and disruptive Wilkins is... IF a Falcon, it’s a great pick...hopefully only give up a 3rd or somehow swap draft capital
  19. Yes I know. Still doesn’t change my opinion on him though.
  20. TD has a good record of trading up for guys but this one would just be... gross.
  21. I can see this happening.. Cards Drafts Williams, Jets drafts Oliver and Bills draft Wilkins.
  22. Well, we will know by this time tomorrow. I hope we stay put unless we move around for a RT.
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