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  2. Yeah I think everyone else skipping is fine but he needs to be there
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  4. We haven't seen him in 2 years. Good to see he looks healthy.
  5. I'm excited about us bringing in Stocker. With him lined up at FB I think it could really open up the playbook when we line up in the 'I' or in goaline situations.
  6. Off the field Matt Ryan is everything you want a QB to be. He's pretty good on it too.
  7. It's a brutal sport.
  8. Question about taxes....when a guy is getting his paycheck from a team in a tax friendly state(Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Washington) for income, do they get taxed on income in that state only? I would ever look to play in New York or New England or Cali then.
  9. Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby just to... finish it.
  10. That's pretty **** funny...
  11. Great game today. Listened to most from the road, caught last three innings while stopped in Macon for dinner. Rest day tomorrow. Doubtful we put much effort into extending the run at this point, national seed locked in.
  12. Gotta wait... He's better than anyone we could add at the position at this point...
  13. McCoy will very likely not be here. I am excited about Davisons fit with us, Crawfords continued coming out party, Hagemans second chance and Senats growth.
  14. That seems like an easy list to come up with, doesn't it? Take the bigger name schools that are normally the favorites and name their current coaches.. Not understanding the Mullen pick but whatever..
  15. Here's to hoping Folty continues to make progress to making this starting rotation that much better.
  16. 0% is way too high. There is a -60% chance we even sniff Gerald McCoy.
  17. Hot streaks never last in baseball, but they are soooooo much fun while they're happening.
  18. He is an idiot. This is his chance to work with quinn to turn things around. But instead vic wants to crap on quinn who just went against every single falcon fan to giving him another year with mad money. ..... hate to say it. But we'll see vic walking off the field before the game is over..... again
  19. Unchecked capitalism is an insult and threat to most of humanity so, you know, fair turnabout and all.
  20. I personally think it's crazy this 4th round draft pick finally get paid and now it can't seem to stay healthy....weird.
  21. The OP is a projection based on a snapshot of information we have today , it is not a “prediction” as you sarcastically imply. Kyle Brandt of NFL Network is only one so far who predicted we would go to Super Bowl. The point about sacks was that we had more sacks in 2018, 2017 and 2016 than the Super Bowl winner of those years. Sacks aren’t stopping us from winning a Super Bowl. Even with that, I still project more sacks in 2019 than we had last year. Projections like the OP are done all the time by sports pundits, such as power rankings, pre camp projected division winners, etc. We see other poster above making projections of what other NFC teams will be contenders this year. None of us made predictions. It appears you intentionally took my post out of context. I will politely ask you to be respectful to my posts where several posters are having an enjoyable football discussion.
  22. Hated missing it.. business meeting.. love hearing we won though! GO DAWGS!
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