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  2. Ender!! 6-0 Braves!!
  3. Awesome!
  4. You didn't start anything that just shows how obsessed he is over me.
  5. Great job Ender
  6. I may have inadvertently started wasn't my intention...Im in the corner in a time out...with a bottle of cognac
  7. I think that rally last night really woke everyone up, got them going again.
  8. LMAO you are so shook right now. Showing your true colors tough guy.
  9. I just watched episode 1 and the video quality is good enough for me.
  10. Yup...they are right on the ball making really hard contact
  11. I'm with you. The constant back and forth on this forum is getting ridiculous.
  12. Upsetting your obsessive feminism? Go figure
  13. Braves aren't getting fooled at all. Hard hits and hard outs
  14. im sure TD is the master of the prelims. I think TD would make the move with the Jets, i just done know why SF would take a DE 3rd overall then turn around and spend 2nd overall on another DE.
  15. People fighting every day....I made a statement....and everything went to ****....I apologize....Im checking out of this....back to the game..
  16. Aww now you're resulting to obscenity and calling me a girl. So much toxic masculinity.
  17. Her **** got old a long time ago too..
  18. Can we all just get along we are up 5-0 and got a chance to get more cushion for our bullpen!
  19. Great job by the offense. Bieber didnt know what to do.
  20. Again....Im not letting yall ******** spill over to me...I made a statement....simple as that
  21. YES!!! What a slide by B-Mac!!
  22. We wouldn't if some people here were allowed to have an opinion without others needing to stalk them.
  23. This has to be the most negative positive post I've read on TATF. Yeah, he's gonna make it because everyone else on the DLine is ####.
  24. Eat a **** *****
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