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  2. Psh. Been sayin' it for years.
  3. Break down the defensive stats and there is your answer.
  4. I'm glad some of you are finally catching up to me.
  5. I told y’all WTF was funny!
  6. There’s a couple others in my cross hairs on freeman too....and they know who they are.......but he needs to have a few more good games before I grab their nuts. Cap was just the most obvious, behaving as a troll.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha If mensa had a counterpart that housed the other side of the spectrum....
  8. I'll never get in the way of someone letting someone else have it who deserves it lol...please don't stop on my account.
  9. Lol
  10. I think TD is done, but when your owner marks multiple players as "Falcons For Life" your hands are pretty tied...
  11. Holy **** this is just so ******* sad.
  12. Yeah I'm not really seeing this idea that we'd play out the games similarly in the playoffs against the Nationals this go around. Maybe if their weakness wasn't that bullpen and we were playing it out offensively like we were in earlier weeks (like working pitchers to death). They've been managing around that bullpen for the most part and lets call it honestly, if you take that bad bullpen away from them, the Nationals were a better team than the Braves. That's it. That's the summary.
  13. Funny, I have gotten the impression he isn't patient enough and hasn't done a good job of changing speeds. He seems to go fifth gear immediately and not wait for blocks to develop before hitting the line of scrimmage. The times he has been tackled in the backfield have been plays where there was not much to be done IMO.
  14. He must have literally sent the house
  15. You'd be better off watching the Falcons 98' NFCCG
  16. It's mind boggling... Our defense this year is as BAD as our 2016 offense was good.
  17. Even if he did address it, you already know what he would say. Also this got a chuckle outta me...
  18. Thomas Dimitroff is very good with money imo
  19. troffed.
  20. I know, and I apologize to you and board for prolonging it. Although he definitely deserved it. My rubbing it in is now least for now.
  21. Yes, but more, it's exactly why no one one here should waste any energy responding to that dude. He's either dumb enough to believe this kind of thing, so partisan that he believes it despite being intellectually capable of understanding it's not true, or despicable enough to parrot it despite knowing it's false. In any circumstance, better to just ignore him or at most only respond to him with condescending one liners.
  22. Thanks captain obvious. Thats what happens with a trash defense and special generally play from behind.
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