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  2. Couldn't the loser be moved to the pen for more relief?
  3. I hope Kushner is one day held accountable for his actions with Israel and Saudi Arabia
  4. I mean he played terrible and then revived his career in San Fran.
  5. Certainly some of my hostility towards the Mueller fanboys comes from being frustrated with myself for not seeing through Trump's attraction to Putin sooner.
  6. Sorry, I misremembered about the “resign” poll. Here’s the poll: Investigation Report 04 19 2019 TRENDED PID.pdf 47% said he should resign. 37% said he should not resign. The “not resign” numbers dropped significantly (from 46% pre-report) and most of those responses went to “don’t know”, which is now at 17%. But that’s far better than the 39% support for impeachment (versus 49% against impeachment).
  7. Bears should have never gotten rid of him.
  8. Wants to play for the Bears
  9. Ryan isn’t Wilson or Rodgers. If his protection is bad, he’s done. He’s not a playmaker. He’s a game manager
  10. There's a huge difference between rushing with your hand in the dirt and standing up.
  11. Exactly - there's a lot of evidence pointing to 2016 being an outlier year and players will regress to the mean. That being said, I do think the Quinn did develop a too cavalier attitude toward the details of the team after 2016 and started to play more the "CEO" role. He may truly be able to make Beasley better, but its not that really sustainable?
  12. He’s putting the periods. The problem is him hitting ‘return’ after the periods rather than the space bar.
  13. 49ers also tried to sign Stephen Gostkowski before he re-signed with the Patriots.
  14. It's fodder for the morons and a tool for the Vichy's and other bad faith actors.
  15. I don't see why. If Ford can still rush the passer, any good DC will find a role for him.
  16. Also, why da fuq are Democrats not openly calling for Trump’s resignation? I understand why they’re hesitant on impeachment. But there’s more than enough wrongdoing to call for him to resign. We know he won’t resign, but that’s not the point. I was looking at polls taken after the report came out and a sizable majority say that Trump should resign. And that number ticked up a fair bit (5-10%, I can’t remember) after the Mueller report. Dems being silent for weeks or months while pushing forward with more investigations is the absolute worst strategy they could have. Censure vote in Congress and calls for resignation ought to be their reaction right out of the gate.
  17. Brady is not even the greatest team sports player of the century, that belongs to Jordan. Playing only on offense takes him out of that discussion. And if you want to bring in ALL of athletics, Tiger Woods and especially Roger Federer have much better claims.
  18. Maybe Maybe not, he should be their at #14 we should just take him there. It's not like we are taking a projected 4th rounder in the 1st like some people are making it out to be.
  19. I get what you’re saying about Mueller’s reasoning. But remember that Mueller is going to testify about that soon. But my point isn’t about persuading the public to support removal or impeachment of Trump. It’s about informing the pubilc of the wrongdoing, criminal or not. And each time Trump mentions it, the response should be to highlight specific instances of wrongdoing. The reason Trump is angry and desparately doing his “exoneration” tour is because he knows how bad the misbehavior will look and how damaging it will be for him. Yeah, he’s trying to spin the findings and get people to ignore the specifics. I don’t think it will work with the right response. And the public hearings coming up in a few weeks and into the summer are going to be brutal for Trump if Dems do it correctly.
  20. Yeah, should have said, CAN play all 3 downs, not WILL play all 3 downs. Basically, they think he develops into a pass rushing stud from the interior.
  21. It’s got a be at the LoS and I look at this not individually I look at as a collective effort.The best fit sometimes doesn’t show up on the stat sheet and hence why I believe Dex will be the pick. If you have a look at what we have now pass rush wise I believe we have a pretty decent fast 4 with some depth behind it. Id like them to draft a piece to make this front more attacking using our talent in different ways. Dex may not have the explosion of some going but after watching how they used him at Clemson I believe whoever gets him will use him a similar way they won’t just park him up at NT they’ll be moving him around. For example against the run I’d be playing him at 3T on the strong side of the formation forcing everything back inside and rotating Davison and Senat through the nose and keeping Jarrett fresh. Pass rushing downs head up over the C.See Having Dex lined up there eliminates that QB stepping up forget about it. Theres just so many ways I can use him.I just think a lot think 340 LBer park him here and 2 gap he’ll no to that the guy is another moveable piece.
  22. Will dex be available at 30?
  23. Isn’t that was periods are for?
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