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  2. Amash is a "saint"
  3. A bag of Doritos would be asking too much.
  4. It is the right move and he has been a disappointment over the last few years but he was a key piece of our super bowl run. He led the league in sacks and was a big reason we stopped Wilson and Rodgers in the playoff. His ability to spy those guys and keep them in the pocket was huge. In the right situation, he can be a solid piece and a difference maker. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a contender trade for him as a 3rd defensive end. You can never have too many pass rushers.
  5. Well last year we could have gotten a 3rd which I thought would have been a steal, so yeah... a pair of shoes or 20 year old ragged Chevy seems about right. Better jump on the deal as well because if we give him more time to establish his value we will be looking at..
  6. This one died in 2016.
  7. Now here’s an interesting tidbit from the CNN report. Remember that strange folder of dirt and conspiracy theories that was left on Mike Pompeo’s desk? The one where the IG had the “urgent” briefing with Congress because he thought this packet (which included folders from Trump hotels) was relevant to the impeachment inquiry? Now we know what it was all about. That packet was sent to Pompeo by Guiliani, and included parts of the interviews with Shokin... Details from those interviews were included in a cache of documents Giuliani delivered to the State Department earlier this year, in hopes that the administration would investigate those claims. The State Department inspector general eventually turned the documents over to congressional investigators.
  8. Could have gotten a 3rd for him Crazy as Quinn doubling down.
  9. Belicheck will offer us a 7th, we will take it, and then Bill turns him into Khalil Mack by week 8.
  10. Those positions are already holes anyway. Really think Trufant, Bailey, Carpenter, Schaub, and Sambrailo are difference makers for us?
  11. Northwestern has the 26th ranked defense. Doesn't matter. Ohio State rolls in a Friday night game...
  12. Here’s the full story...
  13. yeah, I am sure there is a long line of teams waiting to get those guys.
  14. That's stupid!
  15. Id love to trade him but I don't see a team willing to take him on. Hopefully I'm wrong
  16. Never thought I’d say this, but I would rather see Worrilow out there.
  17. That would be believable, but nope, it was a typo.
  18. In that story, the albatross was good luck for the ship until they killed it.
  19. A Vista in Trump Tower?
  20. Chris Hayes' audience looks like a Warren campaign rally.
  21. Welp, we know the Friday night dump now... Guiliani pushed Trump to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt on Democrats. Edit: The official is Victor Shokin, the fired prosecutor. The State Dept refused the visa and the WH tried to pressure them into granting it.
  22. If we get a 4th it’ll be a miracle.
  23. Wrong thread guys.
  24. I wished people could see how huge of a issue TD really is.. He's very good about making senseless contracts work, but definitely dosnt have the insight to actually build a team.. Something thats necessary for a good GM
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