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  2. That’s why I stick with dead musical icons for dog names.
  3. When Steve tries to use legal jargon:
  4. Atleast its almost time for preseason.
  5. Wait, now we bring Newk in?!?
  6. I think we will win the division. We didn’t just get a lot of talent back, we got one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL to coach them as well. On the offensive side, with an OL that can knock defenses off the LOS and Marty Ice at QB with all these chess pieces, we will unquestionably be one of the top offenses in the NFL. The Saints lost some important players, now will be starting a rookie center, and have weaknesses on defense including linebacker.
  7. Yep brutal what the braves overall pitching has become
  8. You're probably short by 3 - 4 mil a year, but, yeah... Dimi has done an incredible job over the last several years, and this offseason may be his best. Embrace.
  9. you never know lol
  10. And to bring up...who exactly? Before you check yourself, the options there are that bad. Winkler has totally lost his command and Parsons gets hit too much. That's about it on the legit options...they're that stuck. They fixed the pen but they can't afford too many more injuries or they'd be the 2019 Phillies in the pen. So Touki probably stays and they send Wright back down for Gausman Sunday.
  11. @Gritzblitz 2.0 I forget if I told you already but my GSU alum aunt and uncle got a new puppy 3 three years ago and immediately named it Tyson and now they're stuck with that name Never name pets and children after athletes (or coaches) and fictional characters until that story is finished being written should be a life lesson
  12. Its only the fifth inning...
  13. I seriously never gave one thought to Graham's sexual preference lol. Like not even once. How weird is it though that the Dems have an openly gay presidential nominee who is gaining support and right wing dip****s have to make up a lie about Dems dog whistling about a longtime GOP senator being gay and using it as blackmail?
  14. And worth every penny of it too, my good friend. Billy Check paid Gronk almost as much as we paid Julio last year for less than half the production.
  15. He’s loaded with talent. Draft was chock full of TEs through all rounds and despite having 9 selections, we didn’t even scout TEs hard. TE is so hard to learn int e NFL if you come in from a small school and raw. He was used mostly flexed out in a spread offense at Drake, yet only one TE in college had more TDs and receiving yards than Saubert his last year. Hooper was still called a disappointment and even a bust by some his second season and even his third season. Then he made the Pro Bowl and it shut his critics up. This will be Sauberts 3rd season, I hope he can put it all together and utilize that amazing talent he has.
  16. They need to go tonight...
  17. If it's a thick necked pit who acts agressive around non white people I hope they name it Rocker
  18. Touki and Wright will probably both go to AAA tomorrow.
  19. Same, horrid pitching the last forever outings for both of them. Gwinnett the rest of the year and time to trade.
  20. I REALLY hope this is the end of Touki and Wright this year.
  21. It really never crossed my mind. Not sure why anyone needs to speculate on why a man is or isn't married. Maybe it isn't important to him.
  22. I've been channel surfing myself. this game is over...
  23. I mean... the dude twice quoted me just now and said something completely irrelevant to both posts. Then he accused me of not giving Trump any credit when he originally quoted a post where I explicitly gave him credit for the exact thing WFW called me a hack for not giving him any credit about. And his response to me pointing out that Greenwald condemned Trump leading that "send her back" chant was something stupid like "I enjoy reading Glenn's thoughts but we don't agree about everything." And like I'm pretty sure the only thing WFW ever knew about GG was that he ranted about collusion and showed up on Fox News because of it. Uncle Grandpa is losing his already limited mental capacity.
  24. they slapping the braves around...
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