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  2. He's regressed since his pec injury. Is soft. Lazy at times. Runs away from contact routinely. Not a leader. He's a part of the collective problem. Cap hit is 15 million next year. We save 5 million by cutting him. Contenders that are desperate for CB help when we're already out of contention will bite.
  3. Ruskiephiles: " Uh the US Needs to get out of Syrian Kurdistan " Also Ruskiephiles: " Uh Crimea was just expressing it's self-determination; Russia did nothing wrong " Also, Also Ruskiephiles: " Uh Israel needs to let Palestianians have their own land back and create a two state solution "
  4. HC: Kevin Stefanski, OC Vikings OC: Mike McDaniels, 9ers run game Coordinator McDaniels served underneath Gary Kubiak 2005-2008 (Broncos and Texans) McDaniels also served underneath Shanahan 2005-2008 and from 2011-present Stefanski worked with Kubiak 2019
  5. Hey folks, new to the site obviously. I had noticed someone mention Caleb Williams. How much does Coley being on 'the hot seat' affect his decision. Coley is not many things, recruiting obviously a strength. An upgraded version of Shockley must be obtained at all costs. Washington and Pinson are freaks, Gilbert being the freakiest of them all. UGA may not get Gilbert, but those other guys are big time too.
  6. A really good coach and a really good scheme would negate having to overpay & overplay talent honestly. This is an AB thing at the end of the day. He may be the ultimate cog in this entire process.
  7. Idk it’s kinda funny how much ppl hate the cowboys too so it’d be funny to see them win it all. I’m jealous of them really. Rich history w a great OL RB and defense
  8. Whoa, it gets better. Describing a phone call with Sondland after Sondland spoke with Trump by phone... President Trump was adamant that President Zelenskyy, himself, had to “clear things up and do it in public.” President Trump said it was not a “quid pro quo.” Ambassador Sondland said that he had talked to President Zelensky and Mr. Yermak and told them that although this was not a quid pro quo, iF President Zelenskyy did not “clear things up” in public, we would be at a “stalemate”. I understood a “stalemate” to mean that Ukraine would not receive the much-needed military assistance. Ambassador Sondland said that htis conversation concluded with President Zelenskyy agreeing to make a public statement in an interview with CNN. ^^^”It’s not a quid pro quo, but if you don’t give us this then you’re not going to get that.
  9. This has become an equal part coaching and players league. You need players, but talent alone is not enough as we have learned over the past few years
  10. Hiring in Coughlin would be a health hazard TO this franchise. Fixed that for you.
  11. Hooper is on his way to being great. We'd be crazy to let him go.
  12. I have no idea what Hooper's numbers will end up as, and that's not the point. We are 1-6 and entering fire sale with Matt Ryan recovering from injury so yes, there's a significant chance numbers will fall off. Te fact of the matter though is that as of right now at the time of this discussion Hoop is playing at a level which is no doubt about it top 3 at his position. If Gage balls out, and Ridley shows he can put up big numbers then yes, we can talk about moving on from Hooper. Right now? Ridley looks bad, Gage can't take a hit, or even a fall for that matter, and that's all we've got outside of aging Julio.
  13. Also maybe chiefs since I’m a Missourian and Indy since I was born there. All the same to me tho. Guess I’ll just be excited for the XFL? Go Battlehawks LOL
  14. This tops it. We have a much more expensive aging roster, much more talent at every position, and a healthy starting QB. This is followed by the worst SB let down of all time, so yeah this blows. Time to set fire to this dump and start anew.
  15. I've been wondering about Saleh; he's young and a fired-up kind of dude. The SF defense is doing great under Saleh, but he does have some good positional coaches that are good at what they do. I really just don't know enough about him to know if he is a good coach or not.
  16. Ravens. Always cheered for them and I don’t really like the Steelers so that rivalry is kinda fun. Also I’ll cheer for Shanny in San Fran cuz why not. May be his fault we lost the super bowl but if it wasn’t obvious before it’s obvious now that he’s the only reason we were there in the first place.
  17. no. I watched him closely last game and I cant believe how terrible and unmotivated he appears. Just kind of roaming and round doing a bit of this, a bit of that. What team would actually GIVE us something to take him? I say we sweeten the deal with some of the cheap hot dogs I keep hearing about.
  18. Any chance we bring back Chandler Miller? I liked him in PS, sad they didnt keep him
  19. The purge causes excessive dead cap so it matters.
  20. You can also fault them for continuing to let takk and beas see the field. Fans see, outside football guys see it, even other players in the locker room see it. Guys are on the field that aren’t in all the way. So why is Quinn stubbornly keeping those kinds of players on the field?
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