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  2. I don't know, seemed like he was an up and coming #1 corner, didn't really have any issues at the time. His play under Quinn has always been very underwhelming though.
  3. So, if you're taking notes, your defense of Trump betraying the Kurds is "they're no angels". And if that's your defense of what he did, than neither are you.
  4. I wish we could trade Trufant, but not sure the return with his recent play and contract. I never agreed giving him that massive contract only because the best our defense ever played was without him on the field. I have always thought of him as an above average corner but not a difference maker such as Grady or Debo.
  5. It's actually fitting considering how invisible he has been.
  6. If that was the case all QBs on bad teams should be leading the league in stats. Other QBs have surpassed and are catching up to Ryan's 7 ints now since he isn't throwing ints as much. Seems like Ryan has gotten those multiple int games out of his system.
  7. Here's the website. One percent chance to make it is silly -- too low. I mean, things look bad now but a ONE percent chance of grabbing a Wild Card spot. I don't believe that. They are just trying to demoralize the fans and the team.
  8. If you have to ask, you already know the answer, Bruh. Speaking strictly from experience.
  9. Yep. The benefit of running simple zone schemes is you know how offenses are going to attack you. But too many players are not playing football and just assuming the scheme will do the work. Then when they do try and play football, they have no clue what their responsibilities are and how it impacts the rest of the defense. It's a cluster. Poor coaching and mismatch talent.
  10. He was as good as an automatic first down most of the time, regardless of coverage. It definitely hurt Matt when he didn't have that anymore.
  11. ****.... you forget how good TG was.
  12. bruh i wanted to see matty vs flacco soo bad to show we had the better qb we were gonna bust the ravens you know what but a Vernon davis monster game and a harry douglas slip and a non call on roddy away from that dream ughhh
  13. People have always underrated Freeman. He was one of the top backs in football a couples year back. He was one of the best backs in football at making something out of nothing with his shiftiness and power. He helped mask some of our deficiencies on the offensive line. Coleman was a great compliment to Freeman if used correctly.
  14. I see the light! Kaep is protesting cops who were killed and left children.
  15. Because of all the trolling related to Ryan's arm strength, it's hard to tell if you are serious or not. My question would be what measuring tools are you using that indicates he has less arm speed, or throwing it with less velocity than year prior? If you're just "eye testing", that doesn't really give you much of a leg to stand on.
  16. Agreed, garbage time to me is when you are down multiple possessions with under two minutes left and the opposing team is basically in a prevent zone waiting for the clock to wind down. Happened in Miny and against Tenessee and also the very last drive against Houston which ended in a Ryan INT. If you take away those numbers you still have Matt Ryan amongst the very top of the NFL in every single category.
  17. Yea, I dunno. And I agree. Hopefully this glimmer of Free past is a sign of things to come.
  18. why does it say Allen in the title but nowhere in the post or any replies...
  19. If only we had a pass rush that game.....
  20. Same issue as last year. We can't play zone because too many guys have a lack of awareness. If we go to man, we have so many liabilities out there. You really can't depend on anyone to play tight man coverage. Campbell, Oliver, Kazee, Ish all get beaten regularly. We have too much talent to be this bad at defense. This defense has way more talent than Smitty's defenses, but they have no awareness out there. It is like we have no anticipation or awareness of how the offenses are going to attack us. We look like a bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off.
  21. So, any time we are behind, it's garbage time. A team is up 3, time to give up yards and transition into a prevent defense to keep the clock running with all plays in front of them. Are you our Defensive Coordinator?
  22. He's definitely not lowering his head into defenders anymore, and I agree, that's a good thing. Still, regardless of that I still feel he just gets taken down too easily at times. Despite his size, Free was one of those guys who always seemed to fall forwards, that's not consistently the case at all anymore. Whether or not that is a direct result of him not getting down enough and lowering the head, I can't say for sure.
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