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  2. Hopefully it's bad , his OBP has been high still but hes also striking out just as much as he has at any other point in his career.
  3. I don't see Oliver being boom or bust at all.
  4. It was like one big berd flew over the cuckoos nest and laid egg all over the lemmings, one big line of lemmings all getting egg on the face
  5. What you are saying makes as much sense as anything I have said, which was they were trading-up and drafting CB at #2, Then OC with what is left.
  6. Do you think Dansby is coming back to means or just hitting into bad luck?
  7. I hope they aren't stupid enough to be in love with Ty at Right Tackle (I don't think they are..they've interviewed/met with all the top tackles in the draft).He didn't exactly set the world on fire at RT last year. Serviceable would be a good description. Need a real Right Tackle.
  8. Naah, I was responding to a post that said there was consensus about Julio being a diva and I said that 4-5 posters with 40 posts each in a thread didn't constitute a consensus.
  9. This stems from the embarrassment that supposedly "smart people" on here fell for the narrative and helped push this hoax for over two years. I got to admit, if I was in you shoes I'd be embarrassed and I would attack me too to try and get the egg off all your lemming faces.
  10. Amen, Mr. Kanye is one of the best Trump proponents on the black side of the aisle. No Collusion No Construction
  11. They don't have any stretches of 4 out of 5 at home coming down the stretch either. It works both ways.
  12. Soroka called up, Shane Carle sent to AAA.
  13. Amen and I am donating again today
  14. I have way more faith in Oliver being a boom because I think Metcalf is a definite bust. But it could strongly depend on what team he goes to and who coaches him.
  15. And his wife is going to be a lawyer.
  16. It is kinda funny thinking back on that... basically everyone here said it was terrible optics at the very least, but the usual right wing nut jobs kept talking past everyone as usual; acting like every lefty was defending them and totally cool with “the worst scandal since Watergate.” If I had a dollar for every time that line has been used in the past 5 years... lol I did get a laugh from Bill Clinton saying about the coverage of that incident, that he wasn’t sure if he should take more offense to people thinking he is that crooked or that stupid.
  17. If you are wondering what the Falcons first pick will be this year, one need only look where they now have the least depth and possible future need. The defensive line is actually rather stacked after recent free agent signings like Clayborn and Davison and Odom. It could still be improved with the likes of Oliver but one has to wonder if they did trade up for him, what would they do with the extra signings around. Why would they still have Beasley around? The offensive line has really been pumped up at guard (Carpenter, Brown) and our starter from last year will be our backup now. They signed Sambrailo to really too good of a contract for him to be just a backup, so one has to think they are determined for him to be the starter there. A big tackle might be there at #14 but even then they just signed a "backup" tackle named Wetzel who seems pretty strong (why have him and Ty if you plan to draft a starter?). They have also signed a good set of TE's Paulsen and Stocker, resigned Hardy for the WR, resigned Ishmael for the LB, kept Schaub as the backup QB, and also are bringing in Cooper and Laguda as safety nets at safety. Meanwhile, at our CB position, we actually are still in negative territory. The Falcons let Alford and Poole both go elsewhere. They did bring back Wreh-Wilson from last year and Kazee is assumed to be moving in Poole's old role (but what if Neal or Allen are not really ready to start?). Trufant is still here but everyone realizes his decline, and the only thing keeping him here is the guaranteed money in his contract and the salary cap impact. Oliver looked pretty good as a rookie but do we really have full faith in him yet? Right now, this team has only 3 definite CB's and 1 CB/S but with as much as this team plays nickel and dime, it will need at least 1-2 more and there has been no action to address this in FA. So, I say the Falcons will pick a CB in the first round (unless something changes soon). I would not be surprised if they actually move down if possible. As for who it is, I sense that Quinn has a love affair with LSU and would go with Greedy Williams, but I still would prefer Deandre Baker. Both are probably an overreach at #14, and a trade down to maybe #20 would be better but would still require good negotiation. They also are likely drafting Trufant's eventual replacement with this and being better able to get rid of him. This may not be what the fans want but it is clearly where they are heading right now.
  18. Nearly a dozen cases of potential obstruction of justice but it will be overshadowed because Dem establishment and talking heads pushed the Russia angle so hard.
  19. Last years +$2M was a temporary bandaid. He is obviously looking for an extension. Not saying he will hold out or anything, but it is definitely a high priority for him this year.
  20. This is Squirrely Bob level here.
  21. I can't watch, but has anyone asked Barr how he would characterize Manafort's meeting in the Cigar Bar?
  22. Looks like our lemmings are hurt again...hit dog holler What did y'all expect? Trump 2020 in a landslide
  23. For where they will be picked,, I'd like to get Montgomery or Henderson.. Both are Big strong slobber knockers ... And as a very late pick,, Alex Barnes... IMO could be the steal of the draft at RB. Reminds me so much of Brian Hill.. And might could be picked up after the draft also.. That would be a great deal....
  24. Even @silentbob1272 thought that was ****** up. goreadup like it though, IIRC.
  25. I'm going. Taking the daughter to her first game. We're flying to Indy to catch that one as well. My little brother lives there.
  26. I was right about Trump winning and I was vindicated about the RUSSIAN Collusion hoax 2 years before everyone else. @WhenFalconsWin 2 @mdrake34. O
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