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  2. why does it say Allen in the title but nowhere in the post or any replies...
  3. If only we had a pass rush that game.....
  4. Same issue as last year. We can't play zone because too many guys have a lack of awareness. If we go to man, we have so many liabilities out there. You really can't depend on anyone to play tight man coverage. Campbell, Oliver, Kazee, Ish all get beaten regularly. We have too much talent to be this bad at defense. This defense has way more talent than Smitty's defenses, but they have no awareness out there. It is like we have no anticipation or awareness of how the offenses are going to attack us. We look like a bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off.
  5. So, any time we are behind, it's garbage time. A team is up 3, time to give up yards and transition into a prevent defense to keep the clock running with all plays in front of them. Are you our Defensive Coordinator?
  6. He's definitely not lowering his head into defenders anymore, and I agree, that's a good thing. Still, regardless of that I still feel he just gets taken down too easily at times. Despite his size, Free was one of those guys who always seemed to fall forwards, that's not consistently the case at all anymore. Whether or not that is a direct result of him not getting down enough and lowering the head, I can't say for sure.
  7. I think it was showing Simmons going to MSU and there was another pic of Burroughs with it.
  8. No I agree with what you said about garbage time stats, but most of the armchair football trolls on here consider just being behind as garbage time. They use that narrative to bash Ryan every chance they get. I'm just pointing out we are almost always behind due to getting jumped on early because of our garbage defense.
  9. He's become a parody of himself. Sad.
  10. I forgot how long we held onto the ball back then. And not a penalty in sight.
  11. Wonder if Dunn's talks with him about not taking kill shots actually got through to him. His frame can't handle that punishment over the course of a career so maybe he is finally being smart.
  12. They've got Foles and Minshew has looked good. Jaguars are not trading for the #1 pick in the draft to take a QB. This thread is a really bad take.
  13. “Believes”? You were calling it, you done had two days to watch the film and you aren’t any more definitive than that? I hope that’s out of context. And here’s my laugh for the day. Good day, gentlemen.
  14. Playing from behind and garbage time are two different things though. Not sure if you are insinuating that they are the same.
  15. No you covered it Everybody else can go -I would like to keep Bailey and Davidson they've been stout in the trenches ---Really disappointed in Takk and Vic -this experiment needs to be over and done Draft 2 Edge rushers in April and resign Clayborn **** start Clayborn now sit Vic start Larkin sit Takk…. Cant get any worst
  16. Everybody does realize that outside of the Philly game we have only played with a lead for roughly just 15 minutes in all the other games combined? So out of 300 minutes we were behind or tied for 285 of them.
  17. I think Miami the last 11 years has a pretty good idea of what life without Ryan looks like.
  18. Sure, it's gotten longer as he's started to hit for more power. Now they need to work on shortening it up so he can turn on inside fastballs. This is true for most hitters his age that has had their bodies change rapidly thanks to weight training, modern diet, and going through their late teens/early twenties. He is certainly not a finished product. But he will be a monster.
  19. That’s fair, and to a certain extent I agree. It was real obvious first few games he was hesitant, which shouldn’t be that surprising shaking off the injury rust from last year. He also looks stronger/bulked-up to me, which may take away some of his quickness. Need to see more.
  20. It’s been frustrating. There are plays where there’s open grass and I’m like “okay, that’s at least a 5 yard gain.” Then he stops running and only gets two yards. And I’m just left there like “wut....” lol
  21. Haven't really noticed that. I'll keep an eye out for that next game.
  22. I dont know where the Falcons would be without Ryan... But I know where they have been WITH him...
  23. That’s a damm good question and I wish I could ask him!!
  24. Honestly, there is something a little off with Free, and I'm not sure what it is. I don't think it's his speed or lack of explosiveness as some have pointed out. Perhaps most of it can be explained by poor line play but I still get the impression it's more than that. I notice it when defenders make contact he just seems easier to bring down than he was in the past... maybe he just needs to build his strength back up?
  25. Mainly outside runs have been my problem with Free. Our interior run blocking hasn’t given much of a chance to do anything, but on outside runs he seems to do a stutter step of sorts instead of just keeping on running and gaining additional yards. Its been the difference for 2nd and mediums into 2nd and long’s and first downs to 3rd and shorts.
  26. WTF this man needs to be gone!!
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