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  2. If we plan on failure then why keeps Sanu? 1-6
  3. Just the moment I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t have sold all my tickets, they confirm I made the right choice!
  4. I don't blame Arthur for the Quinn hire or retaining TD. He was humble enough to take himself entirely out of the process with the search firm, and Quinn had a great reputation around the league with results in Seattle to back it up. It was Quinn who chose to keep TD, and their second draft together may have been our best ever. I do hope he understands now that a high-powered offense is something you must own not rent in the modern NFL, and our next HC should be an O.C. with a record of getting production out of lesser talent. I expect our talent on offense to decline gradually as we focus entirely on the major holes we have at every level of our defense.
  5. Nice return. Matthews needs to be next. If the Texans gave up 2 firsts for Tunsil, then Matthews may garner more. His cap hit balloons from 8 mill to 17 next year.
  6. A second is robbery. I figured 4, tops. Like I said before, Hooper made him irrelevant. Now to find some patsy to take Beasley...
  7. Unfortunately, TD will probably blow the pick on an undersized safety from North Dakota State that we could have picked up in the 5th round.
  8. So disappointed. I'm now even looking forward to next season.... such wasted talent from the rookies all the way to Matt Ryan. TD and Quinn... completely dropped the ball on this roster..
  9. Why does anyone post anything about joe Biden? No one cares about joe on this s board. We all can’t stand him.
  10. So now no more Bean Talk for us...
  11. Eh, history shows that Blank hiring a new coach was the right call. 3 of his 4 head coaches got to the NFCCG at a minimum. The only one who didn’t had his star QB arrested. I get the frustrations, but I disagree with the cynical approach. Team could be good again next season
  12. It's just a slot receiver.
  13. Pick #64? We will just screw up the pick anyways...
  14. Prepping for trip to airport
  15. Realistically, Beastley is in his walk year, if we could get a 4th or 5th that would be a steal. His value was last season when clubs were asking about him. Some rumors out there said teams were offering a 2nd or a 3rd.
  16. The time for tweaking isn’t week 8. By then you are who you are. Unfortunately we are such a mangled wreck that I have no clue what we are. But it ain’t a quality football team
  17. Yup. This is what I was saying to people. Especially with the trade, they're making it to the SB.
  18. Let's pray that Mark Davis has some sort of trait from his father. He hasn't shown any relation to his father other than last name alone so far, but that can tend to start creeping up on you as you get older lol.
  19. But what is uncreative Koettee going to do on third down if he can't run the wildcat?
  20. Sanu should play with #00. Or 69
  21. With the Sanu trade, it’s obvious there will be no “tweaking” to get back to competitive. In Home Depot fashion, this will, be an HGTV type of remake with entire walls demolished and a new floor plan put in place with possible playroom or office combo built into the attic. athletes say, they don’t know even it will end until one day it’s ended. For this team and we as fans, today is that day. Our SB window opened and shut over a span of only a few weeks from late December 2016 to early feb 2017. The last 2 years, plus this year and likely next year will be remembered as the “lost years.” So much potential, yet most if it unrealized. A million “what if’s” will he posed about the coaches we could have kept, added, replaced, but it’s all just commentary and fruitless. This organization has not succeeded and that goes to the top. The coaching choices from Jim Mora, Patrino, smitty and now DQ. The only question now is who will be the next short lived and ineffective HC? Who will be the next Corp clown we have as GM? Because that’s the history and that’s a good predictor if the future. Sometimes an HGTV makeover just doesn’t get you the value you want. Sometimes you are better off just bulldozing and starting over on freshly churned ground. TD, McKay and others are equally to blame for all of this. Until we get a real football man in the front office, we will see the same. We need someone who has spent some time in the trenches, someone who’s worn a jockstrap to 2-A-days in the 98 degree heat. Not someone who rides his bike to get his hair done and to buy a new pair of shoes to match his new glasses. We need someone who can look a a foo all player and realize that he may look like Tarzan, but he’s gonna play like Jane (Beasley). Someone who knows football players are built from the ground up and teams are built from the trenches outward. we know it’s over, can we learn and correct?
  22. Sanu thank you one of my favorite Falcons on and off the field. You will be missed one of the few who brought energy to this team. Now go get you a ring.
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