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  2. yeah pretty random part of Ga to be from. Wonder if he grew up a falcons or Jags fan, or one of those weirdo Cowboys fans that infect everywhere.
  3. Braves offense has been ******* pathetic lately!! This **** is ******* pathetic!! No two bits about it!!
  4. Riley is just a Rookie* That was a failry bad AB though, so too was ozzies
  5. Should be way less physical in our non contact drills. I agree.
  6. Riley is just horrible
  7. The last two weeks Ozzie Albies has been horrific with RISP, especially late in games. Absolutely terrible!!
  8. Pinch runner for Kakes, but lets go riley
  9. Its up to Riley
  10. That's horrible Ozzie
  11. Strength and conditioning coach wont mitigate ligament, bone, and joint injuries. Those just happen. If anything, it helps mitigate muscle injuries.
  12. Come on Ozzie
  13. Quinn likes to see the players fast and physical.. Im sure thatll tend to lead to more injuries.. Especially when you are tired or not in peak conditioning early in the season
  14. So how did conditioning cause the acl and bone injuries the Falcons had? I mean that's what OP said and you agreed.
  15. No of course that’s impossible. Clearly some injuries have nothing to do with conditioning, I just answered your casual question
  16. What in the inbred **** was that?
  17. It aint over yet
  18. Can you give me some stretches that guarantee you won't tear an acl? I'm sure I can send them to teams and make money. Also some stretches to prevent bones breaking?
  19. DK was awesome 2 ER 12 k's Led off an inning with a double There is no way the Braves should be in this situation..
  20. And you know this is a fact? Or is it just your opinion?
  21. New coach is gonna keep guys from snapping ligaments and bones? Well, guess we need a new coach then if that's the case.
  22. DeMarco Murray had more total yards because he played more games. OMG!! What a fascinating concept. 3 seasons with over 1000 yards rushing out of 7. 3 seasons with 702 or less rushing yards. 4 seasons with 6 or fewer rushing touchdowns. Also, I seem to remember him getting a mega deal from the Eagles only to be cut after 1 season. But he played for peanuts? Ok then.
  23. Not stretching well before at the start of practice/games can fall under poor conditioning
  24. I'm mainly speaking about quality of contact numbers. I can't pull the numbers off the back with Swarzak in a Braves uniform only but I've been told that it's better but not better than Luke's. On the full season though: Luke Jackson: xwOBA: .259 Anthony Swarzak: xwOBA: .311 This metric hates on hard contact given up by the pitcher as the gist of it, even if the soft/medium hit balls are falling consistently. It's probably this that is paid attention to the most by the team (which is why Sean probably gets the next crack if there's not a trade), but it's all the numbers that don't really like Swarzak as much as he might've shown as a Brave. Edit: Well color me surprised, he's been getting hit harder lately to likely cause it but Swarzak's xwOBA before tonight is factored in is lower than Luke's slightly at .246.
  25. Love this.....can we please get more like this. Sad that the news loves to kick it up when players/people are in trouble. Nice to see the positive side.
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