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  2. It's more common than you realize. There are far more guys like Phillip Lindsey out there. He didn't say that they were supposed to draft him. He said that they told him that they wanted him, but were not drafting a RB.
  3. I just don't see us picking Simmons with DQ on the warm seat to have this defense humming day 1 even if the off the field wasn't an issue.
  4. Go look at Ito college videos and Lindsay and you tell me who should have gotten drafted. This isn't hindsight talking. This is me being upset the team scouted both and thought Ito was the better runningback. I'm not saying I was pounding the table for Lindsay last year.
  5. That is a bad man right there. Love his competitiveness. Really sets the tone for the rest of the young guys.
  6. The primarily FBI-led effort to to assess and counter Russian influence on Trump before and after the election—is entirely missing from the report that was delivered to Attorney General William Barr. There are a few hints of its existence in the form of color-coded redactions within the version of the report made public by Barr, but the results of that investigation, which is still ongoing, are unknown. What is clear is that Russia’s involvement in the election was extensive. In fact, it was more extensive than was known previous to the release of the report. Russia wasn’t just buying ads on Facebook or propping up false news sites to claim that Trump had won the endorsement of the Pope. Russia was also organizing actual protests and rallies inside the United States, including such events as a “Miners for Trump” rally in Pennsylvania. Russia had “boots on the ground” inside the United States for Trump.
  7. There's always two sides to a story. I wouldn't go throwing stones just based off of this clip. You add/remove one word in that conversation and it changes the whole context.
  8. No he doesn’t. Sorry. And Hageman was my avatar for 2 years. He isn’t even close to Pro Bowl. At 28 you should not still be talking potential. Just hoping he makes the team
  9. He would have been the fastest rb in this class had he ran. I'm just saying a rb running sub 4.3 is once a generation stuff
  10. You sure this isn't hindsight talking? Can you really say that you were a supporter of Lindsay over Ito last year? Not asking for proof really...I'll take your word for it, but it is questionable given the undrafted versus drafted positioning of the two players in question and we're not talking 7th rounder to undrafted either.
  11. Arik Gilbert — 5 star, #1 TEKelee Ringo 5 star, #2 CBJordan Burch — 5 Star, #1 SDEKendall Milton — 5 star, #2 RBMekhail Sherman — 5 star, #2 OLBBroderick Jones — 5 star, #2 OTParis Johnson — 5 star, #1 OTLen’neth Whitehead — 4 star #4 ILB Akinola Ogunbiyi — 4 star, #12 OGCarson Beck — 4 star, (should be #2 QB), #3 QBNazir Stackhouse — 4 star, #19 DTJamil Burroughs — 4 star, #10 DTJustin Robinson — 4 starTate Ratledge — 4 star, #4 OTHenry Gray — 4 star, #6 CBJoel Williams — 4 star, #12 ATHDwight McGlothern — 4 Star, #10 CBJalen Carter — 4 star, #5 DTTank Bigsby — 4 star, #8 RBZykevious Walker — 4 star, #5 DETheo Johnson — 4 star, #3 TEJalen Kimber — 4 star, #8 CBKobe Pryor — 3 star2021Cane Berrong — 5 star, #1 TEDavid Daniel — 5 star, #1 SMicah Morris — 5 Star, #1 OTAmarius Mims — 4 star, #2 OTTerrance Ferguson — 4 star, #14 OT
  12. This line is far from stacked.
  13. If Hagemen ever realizes his potential, we will be in good shape. I'm not expecting it.
  14. The main problem is that they flat out lied to the kid. Which also leads you to believe that they knew more about Freeman's Injury than they pretended to.
  15. He is a 6'6 300+ dude who is strong and can move....and when he gets focused can be a wrecking ball. It is not his physical traits that are in question. IF and it is an admittedly huge if....but IF his mind is where it needs to be and this whole experience was the learning experience that it should be. Dude has All Pro potential
  16. If Free is healthy with Ito. If Free is healthy with Lindsay we have an incredible backfield. If Free isn't healthy with Lindsay we still have a dangerous backfield.
  17. Really showcases his competitiveness and speed. Really impressive 90+ yard rundown of Alexander.
  18. I actually really like Ito lol. If Free is healthy we have a deadly backfield
  19. careful, you will trigger Serge
  20. It is funny that you say that because assuming he makes the team and we do end up with Oliver. I could see a scenario where our "big "package is Oliver and Shede on the ends and Davidson and Grady/Senat at DT
  21. Lmao... I think Isaiah Johnson in the 4th is a pipe dream. He will be a second rounder and I think we should be the team that takes him in the second.
  22. Part of working. Employers and potential employers lie all the time.
  23. So we were scouting Lindsay but picked Ito over him? This ******* team man. No wonder we stay finesse and soft. Bunch of ******.
  24. think we'd all rather have Lindsay over Ito right now thats for sure
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