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  2. He has decent OL this year but Defense in the last 2 years has been all time worst defense in franchise history.
  3. This is why I don’t like twitter for news — the full clip was so much worse than the twitter headline. And it would only have taken a few more sentences to give his full response. He started by saying, “well if we’re going to investigate Guiliani then let’s investigate Biden.” Then asked about Trump’s children’s conflicts, he says (paraphrasing here) that we shouldn’t try to criminalize everything politicians and their kids do and we shouldn’t descend into investigating everybody on the other side because of politics...WHICH IS WHAT HE JUST SUPPORTED.
  4. Matt Ryan, Jesse Tuggle, Scott Case, Julio Jones, William Andrews, Deion Sanders, the list just goes on and on of the talent that just gets wasted in Atlanta. This franchise just sucks the life out players. A speed bump franchise. How many times have players and coaches left here and had success? The problem with Atlanta is they always have three or four really talented players and then the rest of the roster is a joke. Vic Beasley is another Aundray Bruce, Desmond Trufont is another Bruce Pikens. Jake Matthews is another Sam Baker, Tak is another Jamaal Anderson, we just keep making the same mistakes over and over and over, for every one good draft pick there are 10 bad ones.
  5. Ryan never has a good defense or OL. TD is the main issue
  6. Lol I knew this was gonna come up. Two good drives early and FGs the rest of the way... Come on.
  7. MNF

    Interesting...I need to remember this for next season. I have directv but never watch anything on it. I keep it strictly for Sunday ticket every year
  8. I'm fine keeping Takk on his rookie deal as a rotational guy. I'm not fine keeping Beasley at premium edge money. Takk has more pressures and hits than Beasley. But Beasley cost this team an extremely higher amount.
  9. Perhaps investigate this as well... Speaking of China, the country—not known for its friendliness to American brands claiming intellectual property rights—has granted Ivanka Trump 34 trademarks since her father took office. At least three were approved the same day she dined, in her capacity as a presidential aide, with Chinese president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in March 2017. Another batch of trademarks were granted in the days before and after President Trump publicly announced he would take steps to keep Chinese cellphone manufacturer ZTE afloat.
  10. Thats what happens when you have an agenda and are more concerned about the bottom line. People in Hong Kong are dying, being beaten and jailed just for speaking up for their basic human rights. God forbid you show support for them. Call out a murderous dictator that jails people because of their religion. As soon as the Hong Kong support tweet went out China removed all NBA banners and ads. If I was commissioner I would have all my teams in country pack up and leave
  11. I like hooper a lot but if we can't afford him we might need to think about it if we can get a good pick for him... The only 2 legit resources we have on D is Grady and Deion.... We need to add MAJOR resources there thru FA and the draft
  12. Does it? The Falcons kept Smitty through the year and didn't fire him until afterwards and still got their guy in DQ.
  13. Falcons have punted the ball 19 times this season is six games, that’s less then 2016 during the historic season. They do have 4 more TO than 2016 but 5 of those in first two games and 3 of those in only game the Falcons won. It’s just crazy, supposedly a Defensive guru at HC and DC can’t give Ryan a serviceable Defense.
  14. Are y'all crazy? We can't trade Vic Beasley. Quinn's going to work with him, one-on-one, and make him really elevate his game this year!
  15. So Rudy takes the fall. Trump claims he did not think he was doing anything wrong or illegal because he was acting on the direct advice of counsel. He get's impeached in the House, censured in the Senate and re-elected.
  16. Remember how wfw was continually dismissive of Ronan despite basically starting #MeToo and bringing down a ton of pervy liberals/democratic donors? "hyuck hyuck he only got that interview cause he's Sinatra's kid."
  17. Hooper so far this season has put himself in conversation for the title of best TE. I would currently argue he’s having the best season out of all of them. First in receptions, second in yards, second in TDs. And like J mentioned above, he’s the only guy we can depend on to perform week in and week out as long as Matt is actually targeting him. I know people don’t want to pay him, but elite players get paid elite money, and that’s what Hooper has elevated his game to.
  18. MNF

    No. You can purchase any where now. They just black out local and prime time games. One of my buddy bought Sunday ticket with game rewind for 150 bucks. Pretty good deal because game rewind costs 99 bucks on NFL.
  19. It would be pathetic if it weren't so predictable. He has crafted this persona where he chooses when he can be outraged, and when it's not convenient for him to be outraged he accuses everyone of being hypocrite because of the Bush Administration/Iraq and/or RussiaGate.
  20. Most that Vic will get is whatever comp pick Atlanta gets. Hooper shouldn't be traded but if he is he should be a first round pick minimum.
  21. We really should've won the SB in 2016, so I can't get on board with the idea that we've somehow wasted anything. A lot has to go right. It takes more than just a good QB to win the whole thing. We've been in the mix at least half the time, just not this year or last year.
  22. Judy's story about her college professor was something else.
  23. “I think we need to take more shots downfield,” Swift said in a video posted by 960 The Ref. “Try to get the ball to our playmakers in space. Whatever the coaches think that might be.” Everybody sees it, except for Kirby. I think we should start games uptempo and taking shots down field. Don't wait till we have to do it.
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