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  2. When ICE sends their people to the border, they are not sending their best...they are sending criminals and rapists...some, I assume are good people.
  3. I started the thread because the man seemed 100% legit. If he has an inside connection, and he may very well have one, then he certainly would not identify the source. It may not happen but I felt people would like to know what he said so I posted it. Sorry if it offends you.
  4. The Patriots have something that the Falcons will never have under Blank... A DEFENSE.
  5. I almost expect a whole clean house from GM down, not even equipment manager left from this past regime.
  6. If someone offered us two 1st rounders for Julio would you do it? Not saying we should or shouldn't. Just curious what the board thinks.
  7. Is the reason we got a 2nd is because we sent mods with Sanu? Or... They could just kill this posers account...
  8. I am the one who started this thread and I did it because the man spent ten minutes seriously discussing it on the radio. Those guys probably have better inside connections than any of us do. He broke the story yesterday about Beasely getting his feelings hurt by DQ as well and that being the reason he didn’t go to OTAs. So sorry if it offended you.
  9. We had no bodies on that team step up. Bunch of rookies, outcast UDFA and one year rental vets in 2008. I am not worried about cap now. The new coach and GM will take this franchise backward or forward. Look at cleveland in 2016 and 2017, they had like 90 M in cap space, something like that and it got them nothing.
  10. Wasnt it said that Quinn had total control of personal? Maybe i just thought this up, but i swear i remember hearing it last season
  11. Quinn has full control of the final 53, but the draft/free agency/scouting still lies with Dimitroff. But, they are working hand in hand on both of these facets, so it's not One or the Other's fault.
  12. Especially these fake @ss Patriots Fans from here.
  13. Blank is pretty affable. He can be talked into just about anything.
  14. Sanu went to bed 1-6 and woke up 7-0..that man was doing some praying last night
  15. I was going to make a thread on this, but thought the backlash would be too much. Heads up, it's going to be a long post, and summarized the best I can. My premise on this thought is based on a few things: 1.) Just looking at the record, if Arthur really wanted to get rid of DQ, wouldn't he have done so by now?! I mean a 1-6 start, but yet he still supports the guy, and willing to allow him to right the ship. That doesn't sound like someone ready to give up. With Smitty, we had heard a few concerns about him from Blank himself. With DQ to this point, he's been mostly supportive. Not only that, but why allow the GM and supposedly the guy over final say on roster moves continue to make moves without a vote of confidence moving forward? This brings me to what has happened over the years from just a production point of view on the field. 2.) Quinn still had a winning season, after Shanahan, with a new OC in place in 2017. The offense had its struggles of course, but it struggled in Kyle's first year too. Red zone was a major issue. The 2nd year under Sark in 2018, we improved a lot in the red zone, and the offense was top 10 in PPG and was a top 5ish offense, that included a 4.5 ypc rushing attack. Still had a few struggles, but we were in position to win games against the Eagles, Saints Cowboys, & Bengals. Which brings me to my next point regarding the defense. 3.) In 2017, the defense actually carried us to our 10-6 record. They only allowed 2 teams to put up 25+ points on us(only 1 scored 30), which led to holding opposing teams to less than 20 ppg. This also includes the playoffs where we held the 1st & 3rd ranked offenses in ppg to 15 or less(Rams & Eagles). Mind you we held the Eagles to only 18 in week 1 of 2018 as well, and this team put 38 & 41 against some formidable defenses to win a superbowl. What happened after that game, was a plethora of injuries to key starters on defense, and from there, we lost a lot of that defense from 2017. We did see the defense pick up a little late in the season, but far from what it was showing before injuries. 4.) So to tie points 2 & 3 together, we seem to counteract both sides of the ball. When the defense was showing life in 2017, the offense was trying to adjust to a new coordinator and vic versa as the defense fell apart to injuries while the offense had started to click. It's as if we just couldn't get the two on the same page together for those 2 years. This ultimately led to the firing of both Offensive and defensive coordinators, which brings us to 2019. 5.) This year, after a another OC(although familiar to some)was brought in & Quinn took over the defense, we also made some personnel changes that was much needed before now. We added 2 new rookies on the line and Added some run stuffers up the middle. We're now 1-6 due in large part to defensive woes and some offensive struggles. Some of this can be be attributed to poor coaching, while some can be seen as a need for better personnel period. For instance, we have a 2nd year corner who looks completely lost and the other corner injured. Our SS & his backup are injured again. Edge rushers are very sub par. So on and so forth. Offense at least has put up points, although some games have been poor performance on that side. You're probably wondering why the dragged out post. Well I say all of that to say, look at the way things have gone over the years. Our defense at one point looked like it could potentially turn a corner, but ran into injuries and eventually just complete regression occured. The offense has constantly been in disarray over the years due to new coordinators coming in and out. It usually ends up showing progression in year 2 though. Could AB be looking at this and saying to himself that do we really need to go out and bring in a completely new staff? I mean there really hasn't been any continuity on either side of the ball from a coaching standpoint. Adding in the cap situation, makes it even more curious to think that maybe he's better off keeping things as it is, and shooting for adding whatever personnel we can to hopefully make the changes needed for the on the team to flourish like it did in 2016. I'm not saying it will happen, but again, why keep Quinn & TD along this far after a horrendous start? Flame away!
  16. The same case could have been made for last year. Personally ready to see them both go and start fresh. But if all it will take is winning some games to keep DQ...stranger things have happened.
  17. Attendance was better in 07 where there was zero hope. That should tell you something.
  18. Atlanta as an NFL city was always easy to lose. When times are good people will turn out regardless of the coach.
  19. Sure but people gave up on this team after 3 games and the 2nd home game. At best you’re going to get a wait and see approach. No one is dropping $$ for a PSL with the news that the Defensive guy responsible for a team with the fewest sacks in NFL history and 28-3. If they went 5-0 there would still be a portion going ‘just wait.’ Quinn didn’t just lose the team. He lost the city of Atlanta. Im pretty sure Blank has already made his decision. It’s just when he makes it official.
  20. You realize the Patriots Oline is banged up and Brady takes hits every game don’t you. How the **** are you gonna jump on their jock without doing research. That’s worst than having raw relations with someone with HIV
  21. Pats way wins them for them Others try to emulate but cant. More than one way to win. Would rather start the next succesful trend than run in circles trying to figure out how to copy someone else. Nobody in the league has BBs mind for the game.
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