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  2. yawn. another guys with a handful of posts pretending to be a falcons fan. If you're a troll from the Aints just man up and say it, every year ya'll come here with this wolf in sheep's clothing **** and post back on Aints report so you girls get a giggle going. it got old 15 years ago. What's next a 28-3 mention? If you're done with the team, bye, you don't have to keep posting
  3. What's gone wrong: Player development Beasley/Takk Haven't turned out to be what they needed to be Campbell and any other LB not named "Jones" hasn't turned out to be what they needed to be Neal has had unfortunate injury luck Oliver hasn't progressed
  4. He should've been after that debacle, but no owner would've done that after a SB appearance.
  5. ET the code to crack the Falcons is up top, ownership and front office are why we are what we are. Changing coaches and OC and DC like underwear will just get the same result. Real change happens when McKay, Webster, TD, Emry, Collier, and Sabo leave the building. Then you know the owner has his head out of his butt and is breathing and seeing clearly.
  6. Boy has this team decayed!!!!!!
  7. The problem is the Falcons don't have a disruptive person on the line that calls for two o-linemen to block them that frees up either a DE or LB to get to the QB, I love Grady Jarrett and he is awesome but he is too light to fill this role, the Falcons need a strong fat body to put in the middle of the line that absolutely wrecks havoc and then they need 1 DE to be a beast. Neither Tak nor VB are a beast. VB and Tak are fast and do great when o-line is focused on blocking the fat body in the middle and the DE on the other side wrecking havoc AKA Freeney/Abrahams.
  8. Totally agree with op. To your opinion, right on. I'd also add that a huge problem with this team is the owner. Be it Mckay or TD advising him or his own fantasies, there's little reality happening at the top. You can't fire the owner so we're kind of stuck unless he gets better input from a new GM and replace a lot of the top people.
  9. Which is why since 6-2 to 8-8 I’ve never believed in Quinn. He doesn’t know how to adjust in the thick of a downward slide. Sure we get tired of hearing about them, but the Patriots do not play the same brand of football year in and year out. They are able to not only adjust, but project and most times innovate where the league is headed. They don’t rest on laurels or live off if it-then statements.
  10. Nobody will ever be able to crack the code of the Falcons. This has been happening for 50+ years. The entire team is never on the same page! The offense could be playing great, the defense takes a dump.... They fix the defense, then the offense falls apart. I've seen this story with many new faces many times! The stars will never seem to align just right for this organization!
  11. Right now doesn’t mean much. Right now the Falcons are 1-6. Right now three years ago we were a few months away from heading to the Super Bowl and everyone felt this team would be stacked for years to come. NFL changes too much. Unless your Bill B or Sean Payton with all time great QBs, what teams are consistently good year in and year out? Without Drew Brees even Sean Payton would have had even worse records the years he went 8-8.
  12. She'd have as much chance of winning as the Falcons would have beating the Patriots.
  13. Jerry is as loyal with Jay Jay is Arthur is with Danny, it appears. I wonder what would have happened to the Falcons if Quinn would have been canned after the debacle of a super bowl???
  14. Nope don't want too. I see very well the results of the brotherhood it's called losing.
  15. New Quinnipiac poll... Approval among American voters of the U.S. House impeachment inquiry, an inquiry to determine whether or not to bring impeachment charges against President Trump, has reached its highest level, as 55 percent approve of the inquiry, while 43 percent disapprove, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll released today. Last week, 51 percent of voters approved of the inquiry, while 45 percent disapproved. In today's poll, Democrats approve of the inquiry 93 - 7 percent and independent voters approve 58 - 37 percent, while Republicans disapprove of the inquiry 88 - 10 percent. In last week's poll, Democrats approved of the inquiry 90 - 8 percent, and independents were divided with a 50 - 45 percent approval, and Republicans disapproved 90 - 9 percent. ^^^Huge shift among independents in support for impeachment.
  16. I agree with this scenario. TD can find offensive skill players with high accuracy. The defensive finds are there but there are far too many misses. Both could stay if they move TD to a vice president of something and hire a hot guy for GM and find a pass rush. They both just got contract extensions. But at this point, who is the great guy out to replace Dan Quinn? I just don't see anyone
  17. I think DQ underestimated how much of an impact MM had on defense as a leader. Go watch some of the micd up vids from 2016-17, he was always in the middle of the huddle. Or perhaps he knew which is why he got rid of him cause players were starting to turn to Manuel instead of Quinn. Just a conspiracy theory.
  18. Kip Moore shines a light on officer’s good deed Deborah Evans Price, August 31, 2017 1:03 Instagram/@KipMooreMusic Instagram/@KipMooreMusic Kip Moore doesn’t hesitate to share his feelings on the world he sees around him and is always anxious to give credit where it’s due. That’s why he recently shared a post to Instagram recognizing police officer William Stacy, who caught Helen Johnson stealing five eggs at a Dollar General store to feed her family. Instead of arresting her, the Tarrant, Alabama, officer bought her eggs and then took a truckload of groceries to the grandmother and her family. Kip loved the story and jumped at the chance to share some positive news and salute a police officer who went beyond the call of duty to help someone in need. “I realize there’s a lot of bad in this world, and that’s one thing media will always shove down our throats over and over,” Kips shared. “It’s a business like anything else that plays off our emotions. Things get posted or played a million times on your TV, which causes outrage and all of us to fight amongst [ourselves]. Violence sells and always will. “Yes, I know there’s injustice all around us and I pray for peace and healing on that front every day,” he added. “I’m also aware that there’s so much good taking place every single day, but most of those things you’ll never see. Your TV will usually only show the bad cop abusing their power or an unfortunate situation.” Well said!!
  19. Slow your roll big dawg. Team on my hate list: 1) Saints 2) Patriots 3) Seahawks 4) Cowboys Sanu was my favorite player and I wish him well, but never will I root for the Cheatriots!
  20. No more x-New England coaches or GMs they all fail miserably, it clear now Belichick runs that show and they are all just there watching, no Pioli, no McDaniels. Pioli was here and look how bad our o-line and d-line are. Pioli brought noting to the table in four years of being with the Falcons. Pioli= NO. Ed Dodds from Indy. PROVEN NFL Exec. Piloi was fired from GM job at KC so why would we hire him, get real. Four years after Pioli leaves KC starts winning again. Quit bring in these loser cast offs from other organizations we have enough in the building already, McKay fired from Tampa, Emry fired from Chicago, etc... No just plain no. Ed Dodds hire a REAL NFL exec this time not another failure.
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