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  2. I don't feel great about Isaiah Johnson but otherwise I would be plenty pleased with this.
  3. Yes. The Falcons have made a lot of moves to shore up depth at almost all positions but have been quiet with RB.
  4. Don’t bring facts in here. If he doesn’t win the National championship then he’s not good enough in his eyes. He also probably thinks Dilfer was a better qb than Marino.
  5. I am glad to see him doing well. When a Braves player does wel, the team does well, and that is what I care about. I hope he keeps it up!
  6. The other thing that needs to be considered regarding obstruction is that Trump and his defenders are going to argue something like, “maybe Trump tried to shut down the investigation but his aides informed him it was illegal and so he deferred to the lawyers/aides.” That’s false The first time Trump tried to fire Mueller, perhaps they could make that argument. But even after being told it was illegal, Trump continued something like half a dozen (or more) times to shut down the investigation. Which means that he tried to shut it down, was told it was illegal, and kept trying to shut it down. And he was lying about it the entire time, proving that he knew it was wrong and illegal.
  7. Not disagreeing with you here, I just want to add something that hasn’t gotten enough discussion Trump was absolutely compromised by Russia during the campaign on multiple fronts. It’s a simple fact that cannot be disputed. Trump was engaged in talks about Trump Tower Moscow throughout the campaign and lied to the public about it. Russia knew about those talks and knew Trump was lying. They had leverage over him. Trump and his campaign had multiple contacts with Russians seeking to get help from Russia in its efforts to swing the election to Trump. Trump lied repeatedly about it. Russia knew about those contacts and knew Trump was lying. They had leverage over him. What we don’t know is whether Russia used that leverage. It looks doubtful — Mueller probably would have uncovered that. But that doesn’t change the fact that Trump was compromised and that Russia had leverage over him. This is the same thing that Sally Yates argued regarding Flynn when she warned the WH that Flynn was lying to investigators.
  8. Maybe? That puts you in denial clown mode bro. Besides the entire RC/obstruction thing that they kept pushing every single day for over two years, I'd say nothing but that. You have a problem, you still believe the Dossier is real, the entire investigation was based off of that false document up to and including the FISA warrants that led to the spying of Trump's campaign and the path to the SC being appointed. If you're going to be this silly I had to address you. The other's probably ignored your silliness, I don't blame them. Yes, the fake/scm lied for over two years and got most of the story wrong.
  9. and another... HOUSTON, TEXAS — A man fought for his life against not one, not two, but five armed men who broke into his home. This gun owner was prepared for a fight, and utilized his AK-47 to defend his home and his life.
  10. There's more up to date versions. I find the CBS one to be most realistic. The dates on fanspeak is only relevant if the provider has updated their list. Most haven't changed them since the beginning.
  11. I totally understand what the concept here is. I still believe this is what gets teams in trouble, the BPA love. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take a guy sooner than you wanted to or even before a better athlete at a different position. Team building, not player building.
  12. I’m fine with Freeman Ito Hill and Barner actually
  13. That’s well done, bro. And I do think most of these players can be had. Perhaps you’d have to go Johnson in 3rd and Scharping in 4th, but you filled soo many areas of need. Moreau could be a steal for us and an actual need since I don’t see us giving Hooper 8 mill
  14. Y'all keep asking what the media and the Democrats got wrong, and then we say it wasn't the whole media, just the parts of the media that kept doubling down on Trump being Putin's puppet and creating ridiculous expectations for the Mueller report, and then y'all say something to the effect of "no they got that stuff right, too, because he knew Russia was on his side, and they knew he was lying when he said no collusion a million times, so he basically was Putin's puppet, just not in the way where Putin could tell him what to do and Trump would do it."
  15. Fried had a great quote last night when asked about his breakthrough so far. He said "I just realized that being the best version of me is plenty good enough." I wish Newcomb would come to that realization and stop the scared pitching.
  16. I'd guess next time through. His next day to pitch would be Friday. Hes nearing the end of his allowed rehab time. You're only allowed 30 days in the minors if you're a pitcher.
  17. Probably shouldn't have put hopes in the guy who was integral in the Iran-Contra pardons.
  18. Barr is going to get grilled next Thursday when he testifies.
  19. Control Print. Saving this compliment you made to FFS1970. Most would consider this a Unicorn moment, but I knew you guys liked one another. @Knight of God @FalconFanSince1970
  20. Barr gave a lot of us hopes that he would do diligence but when he screwed up with his candy *** report when the Mueller report first was released. He blew all credibility and definitely rolled over to Trump. How dumb was he to think the report wouldn't get analyzed after him and the true facts come out. Now that was stupidity.
  21. Taking my judgement out of it, looking at PFF he had two borderline average to above average years his first two, a below average year and last years was poor. 2015: 70.5 2016: 72.3 2017: 59.1 2018: 42.2 I get being out of position, I get injuries on and off. I just think ATL fans have been so starved of what good pass rush looks like that some settle or think it’s good because in spots it’s the best they’ve seen. I remember us needing a stop and John Abraham would come up big all the time, hurt or not. When it’s third and 6, game on the line, knowing the qb is passing, Beasley gets stone walled as to where Abraham got a strip sack. I think it’s very telling that the fifth round pick from his same school has well out performed him, and in any kind of redraft for that year, he likely isn’t even taken in the first round and Jarrett is.
  22. Touche
  23. Any idea when Folty comes back?
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