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  2. steven chowder is just another incredibly dumb right-wing grifter
  3. The violence is typically aimed at working class people who are non union. Management is not the unions natural enemy. Non-union workers are the unions natural enemy. Like feminism, the original fight was over long ago.
  4. Ohhhh ok, so he is a grifter who makes his money antagonizing people. And since he’s a right wing grifter I’m gonna assume he’s not even at least a little funny while doing it.
  5. Wow I expected us to be 2 or 3. The whole list is kind of crazy though. NFC North is way too high. Rodger hasn't been his formerly great self in a few years now. Cousins is vastly overrated. He has moments, but not really when they are needed. Stafford is overrated every single season (21 TDs to 11 INT). Why do people love this guy? And Trubisky is average. Maybe he'll get there, but not yet.
  6. He is a conservative famous for doing "Change My Mind Videos."
  7. He's a failed comedian who did voice acting on Arthur before finding a living as a right-wing provocateur and a guy who loses arguments against college students.
  8. Labor militancy is a pretty American thing, actually. It was really the only way they could continue to function since American capital was extremely violent against labor organizing, especially compared to other countries.
  9. I have no clue who Steven Crowder is or why I should care that some old guy wanted to fight him.
  10. You have the scene in Click where she's dressed like Pocahontas or literally any scene from Underworld and you choose this? Get. Out.
  11. From a Barton Simmons article **Jalen Carter, DT, Apopka (Fla.) High School - Few if any prospects in the state of Florida have had a stronger spring than Carter, who has turned in multiple impressive performances both in camp and padded settings. The 6-foot-4, 301-pounder played out of position at tight end as a junior but was a top performer at defensive tackle at the Under Armour camp in Orlando. Last week, he had a dominant showing in a spring game in front of several Power 5 assistants. Carter has a unique blend of athleticism and power on the defensive interior with the ability to win with his first-step quickness a speed-to-power bull rush and is a violent finisher. The sample size of Carter playing defensive line is relatively small, but his level of play relative to his lack of experience at the position is highly intriguing. Carter checks the boxes from an athletic profile standpoint as well. He’s posted good testing numbers, has a basketball background with the ability to throw down some impressive dunks and finished second at the state weightlifting championships this offseason. – Charles Power The move – Carter is firmly in position to make a five-star push. He moves from 93rd in the country to inside the top 20. He’s now ranked as the No. 1 player in Florida and the No. 2 DT in the country. The only thing keeping Carter from a fifth star is more of a body of work on defense, something that he’ll have plenty of opportunity to produce as a senior.
  12. Establishing labor monopolies by violence. The American Way!
  13. bah the important part isn't showing up. Vic liked this tweet.
  14. Yes, if you are gonna swing on someone make it count. Don't throw those old man wind-ups that basically do nothing. tl;dr You leftist ******* need to learn to fight
  15. My how times change. Wasn't too long ago (2016) we had arguably the best RBs in the entire league and now we are third in our own division (which I can't really argue with). Like my brother @Vandy says though, a healthy Free is going to flip that narrative on it's head quickly. The OLine + Mularkey + all the signings and picks...if he stays healthy Free should have a monster year.
  16. Yes, they set up LLCs and Trusts which are more for asset protection than it is paying less income taxes....But bottom line Kiwi, it all comes out of the player’s Contracts...So in effect, they are paying it. But the question was about state income taxes. States will tax professional athletes who compete in their venues (called the jock tax)....
  17. Keep America Very Terrific, Believe Me: KAVTBM
  18. So what you're saying is that they should be more effectively violent against right-wing dip****s? Got it.
  19. Dump this bum. This dude has no heart.
  20. Then post that one, either way he didn't land ****. If you think any of those blows did any type of damage, you've obviously never been in a fight before. Dude playing Pattie Cake equals 'Catching hands' ******* Liberal spin jobs.
  21. Knowshon type cuts.
  22. It's way past time for the Dawgs to start winning NT's.
  23. FYI, it clips out the part where Crowder shoves the guy just before he started wailing on him.
  24. I think we would have possibly won the SB last year if we were healthy. Matt Ryan was on fire!
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