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  2. I think Burns is going to be a very special player IF he adds weight and gets stronger. He’s prolly a year or two away and we need help now. I’d take him over VB right now
  3. At 6’6”, 320 Lbs, he only had a vertical leap of 36”. No explosion whatsoever. Look how tiny he is next to former DL DQ.
  4. Agree on oliver. I like your strategy...a lot actually....but we do need some CB depth. You could even argue we need two. I would go corner with that 95th pick...say Isaiah Johnson from Houston... other than not addressing corner, I love it!
  5. My daughter just rolled her eyes and laughed when I told her I’m going to say “we’re in the Endgame now” as we walk into the theater Friday.
  6. You’re right. Fair enough. All is well. I’m not really passionate about this, more so like welp there will be misses, but Lindsay so far has proven to be better in my estimation. Now that may change, however based on the body of work that’s what we have to go on.
  7. Ofcourse the first step is making the team. That is given. The fact that he has missed 2 years of NFL training and coaching negates the age issue. His body has not have to deal with the effects of playing in trenches.......which helps and hurts him. Like i said from a purely physical tool standpoint...yeah i stand by the all pro comment. But to be fair we have seen many many players have all pro physical skills.....and undrafted arena back up long snapper brains.
  8. He doesn't offer anything in the run game. As a trade back option I'll consider but not at 14.
  9. He has no size especially body at best
  10. We saw this in the original thread. Now you’re just being an attention HO.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I’ve known others who committed suicide but this one hit real close and really hard. You only meet so many people in life that you bond with like a true brother or sister and it’s even tighter when there’s no blood relation. Hate to hear it, sorry for your loss.
  12. Relax good guy. Don't take it to the edge and it doesn't need to go there. Not really a statement to be sensitive on. There wasn't anything personal mentioned. I'm cool with this mindset and saying this. It's less about being "against" the team and more about being so strongly sure that Lindsay is better than Ito after one year, which is why I mentioned the Beasley point.
  13. I like ito. He’s a playmaker. I like playmakers. When free went down ito stepped up behind Coleman. Ito also does things free doesn’t do so he’s not exactly a clone. Ito reminds me more of Bell with his patience in the hole. I’m more than confident in ito and so we’re all of you last season. Woulda coulda shoulda means nothing. We got a productive player. All that matters in the end.
  14. He has no playmakimg ability, how could he possibly make the team when he has no ability to make plays? We are much better with rotating DL like Rubin, Joey Mbu, Courtney Upshaw, Shelby.
  15. Any arrest is major imo.. Being booked is alot different than just getting a ticket..
  16. Did this really need it's own thread? Yes it did because it's Gazoo and since it didn't get the attention he wanted in the other thread it needed it's own thread.
  17. Yeah...this means nothing but you run with it. You’ll be talking to yourself though. Have a good day.
  18. 2 years is a long time to be out of professional sports.. Ill say this, if he does make the team he definitely wasted some valuable time and money during his prime
  19. Look, the Falcons have gotten a lot right in the player personnel department, we know that but If what Lindsay is saying is true then the Falcons missed on this one and for a bargain price too. You know, it’s ok to say that and still be bullish about this team.
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