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  2. The notice came in on the app. Falcons pick up Keanu Neal's 5th year option.
  3. Although I've seen some speculation now that Jon is essentially a fire zombie for the Lord of Light, he may have picked up some fire abilities he doesn't know about (like how Beric and his fire swords)
  4. Meh... Bama fans largely pre-occupied with the fact that dude-bro in the federal investigation for CBB is quoted as claiming to have paid *football* athletes at many universities, including Bama, Notre Dame, Penn St and others... I wouldn't read too much into that either, as I'm pretty sure we're talking about kids already on campus, not recruits they were paying to come... Just typical agent bullsquat.
  5. One thing I have learned is the majority of the time the message board is 180° off when it comes to TD's picks. Everyone is going to be shocked when we don't take a DT....
  6. The RGIII one was pretty terrible, but yeah. It'd be up there. Snyder would get lambasted regardless, and that's fine by me.
  8. Yeah - they are not letting Debo walk.
  9. I think he already did. They opted to just start Teheran tomorrow and leave Newcomb in AAA.
  10. Dope, figured we would. Hope we extend him and Debo sooner rather than later.
  11. Falcons exercised 5th year option on Neal Falcons exercise fifth-year option on Pro Bowl safety Keanu Neal Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – The Atlanta Falcons exercised the fifth-year option on safety Keanu Neal’s contract on Wednesday. RELATED CONTENT Jarrett signs Falcons' franchise tender Falcons 2019 free agency tracker Neal, 23, was selected by the Falcons with the No. 17 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He has started every single game he's played during his three-year NFL career and was named to the Pro Bowl following the 2017 season. Neal tore his ACL in the Falcons’ season opener of the 2018 season and was sidelined for the remainder of the year. Since entering the league, Neal has recorded 220 tackles, 14 pass defenses, eight forced fumbles and one interception. Since the most recent NFL collective bargaining agreement, which took effect in 2011 and put in place the fifth-year option on first-round rookie contracts, the Falcons have exercised the fifth-year option on each player they’ve selected in the first round. Atlanta utilized the fifth-year option on receiver Julio Jones in 2014, but he agreed to a long-term extension with the team prior to the final year of his rookie deal.
  12. The irony is as abhorrent as the violence. "Let's stop vigilante justice by stomping out some vigilante justice!"
  13. Where there is smoke there is fire. It was right around this time of the draft process eight years ago where we started to hear "noise" that the Falcons wanted to jump up for a WR.
  14. Soroka is going to nail down that starting rotation spot tonight.
  15. It feels like PFF has devolved into a talking point and controversy mine by now.
  16. Seems like no one in the top9 wants him period. If this happens it will go down as one of the worst trade in history UNLESS he gets them to the playoffs every single year and appears in at least 2 Super Bowls imo.
  17. I think most were just responding to the narrative that Brian Jordan may have said something inflammatory when he basically said nothing.
  18. Whenever I see your name pop up, I know I'm in for a treat.
  19. I agree about Gary but the more I look at The more I like him. At least his old highlights. He seems to be the most like Michael Bennett. Setting the edge in the run and able to rush from the inside on passing downs
  20. ah, this is the extremely late-stage capitalism i've been missing lately.
  21. We might be draft this gay
  22. Buttigieg is **** because he does not provide specific policy proposals. -B.O I am going to take a fairly progressive specific policy enacted by Buttigieg and obscenely mischaracterize in order to demonize him among minority voters in the same way I portrayed Hillary Clinton as a slave owner and that way I can (again) keep those voters from turning up in the General election and get Trump another four years. And I'm going to do this because I am an authentic adherent to progressive causes and this is how they will get implemented. -Also B.O. -Mayo Pete seeks to humiliate transgender folks just like HM -B.O. in 3 minutes.
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