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  2. 99% of us are aware of this!
  3. The Falcons can't even defend themselves against these grown men of the Rams. Pathetic. Embarrassing as a fan.
  4. Forward progress was stopped way way before that. Phuck these refs
  5. I need to see that headline on my twitter tomorrow morning. "Dan Quinn Fired". That'll make all of this OK.
  6. I dare anybody to watch the 2nd Half of that game and walk away with the impression that the Refs called a fair game. The dirty little secret is that the Refs helped the Pats to get that win. The Falcons got robbed, IMHO. The Falcons got robbed because the Pats, Brady and Belicheck are very highly favored in this league.
  7. “And the Falcons pick up the W, their second of the season. “
  8. He is not sure yet, so yep, more time is needed by Arthur!!!
  9. Yeah but at least that dude showed some fight. Can’t say that for many of these quitters. This team has given up on the season.
  10. Would yall feel some kind of way if they score and went for make it 28-3
  12. Not since the Marion Campbell days in the late 80s have I seen this team play so badly.
  13. He tried. Donald really did him a favor by holding back
  14. I am disgusted and what I am watching. Each week we seem to get worse.
  15. When is the last time you've seen the refs allow a play to last that long?
  16. You call that a punch...lmao
  17. Good. It's bad enough with them all out there, what would it be like for them all to get ejected. Anyone thinking that was tough from Freeman can get in the bin. He's been useless on the field and then decided to chuck a punch, so so helpful.
  18. Good lord what a thread!
  19. Titans game was all we needed to know. If someone is just now coming to the realization that this team is completely void of any semblance of toughness, focus, discipline, preparedness, and competence then that’s their own fault.
  20. This is sad. Defense has no fight in them.
  21. At least you are aware of this
  22. Do whatever it takes to get swift next year. Dont let him escape Georgia.
  23. Wow. Miami is actually winning. How crazy would it be if WE ended up with the first overall pick. I know it's not likely but you never know...
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