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  2. You cant release players that aren't under contract.
  3. While there are clearly issues that need to be adressed.....again. There were areas that the defense actually improved on. As a whole I thought that the tackling was much better than in previous weeks....when the cards receivers caught short routes...they generally did not get up field for more yards......the edmonds screen pass and the "where are the defenders in the screen" dump off to Johnson. The falcons did over all a good job getting the receiver down almost immediately. The coverage as a whole was much better IMO.....the Cardinals had few wide open receivers all game....we had defenders around the ball......even on the fumble that was not called a fumble the coverage was actually pretty good amd with out a perfect throw the ball probably gets knocked down or intercepted by the safety(Rico???)But it was a perfect throw.....sometimes you have to give credit to the other team...they get paid as well. We are still giving teams too many free first downs via penalty (another drive extending one on third down) and we are still giving up WAY too many chunk yardage plays but there were some actual encouraging things that can be built on.
  4. Sanu will be traded if they actually plan to cut him. If he isn't traded then he will be a Falcon next year.
  5. He.ll no, Radio is not the guy.
  6. Where are the defensive cuts? We won't be able or want, to keep some of the players on that side of the ball as well. Beasley, Crawford, Campbell, JJ Wilcox, Clayborn, Wreh-Wilson, Means, Ishmael may all get released. ETA: Matt Bryant may retire or just get cut outright and free up some cap space too.
  7. Ice is a franchise QB, not the problem. Can we start addressing the real problems now?
  8. Paul Worrilow led the team in tackles as a starter
  9. Poor play calls poor routes poor passes poor receptions poor pass protection on and on
  10. Absolutely not. If they failed somewhere else they will fail here. You can either coach or you cant. No more retreads.
  11. Here is my thoughts: yes, but here is the caveat, Falcons get s kick *** defense, but an offense that couldn't score on the broadside of a barn. That ladies and gentlemen is the Falcons way..I'll show myself out now...thank you
  12. Unfortunately, I do think Sanu and Mack get cut. I love them both, but its the reality. Every other cut is a no brainer.
  13. Yep this is it exactly, let's see what we got in real games and play our depth. At the least it gets them game experience. Let's also try out new schemes on both sides.
  14. We had a chance to get much needed veteran help at Safety even Rico is having a time and we've made ISH pickup weight and loose weight but instead of TD and DQ getting something different and getting some veteran help maybe McDonald or Ilokia ( they sure can't do any worse and they might have helped us win) but nooo TD and DQ and some on this Board don't think anyone is good enough so they sit on their hands, wishing and hoping and don't do nothing so its their fault
  15. A couple other ideas as of today:
  16. I’ll only be excited with a New Owner, GM & Coach . Arthur “Falcon For Life” Blank is in the way .
  17. Get rid of these players with the coach. Dont care who thet are, they're making too much money anyway.
  18. There's already a problem with TD. 11 years and tons of picks on the OL and DL and in FA and most haven't panned out and the OL and DL is always a weakness.
  19. Tanking is tanking, this is not preseason. I'm all for putting the best players on the field, if that happens to be a young guy who is not being paid yet, then by all means go for it.
  20. Here is his in-depth read on all potential cap savings moves that should set us up for a chance to build a roster with Draft, keeping Hooper, and a few low key FAs or perhaps a bigger name depending on Mack. Throw in Tru if Sheffield can stick at LCB. @FalconFanSince1970 Resident GM your approval and augments await finalizing these initial projections, sir! *Caveat his original projections for keeping Hoop were before week 2 started, date of article.
  21. PENN STATE! It’s great to see some real talent on the team for once. Don’t love Franklins coaching, but talent wins in NCAA, so real glad to have him for his recruiting! Some real talent on that D I wouldn’t mind seeing in red and black some day! the white out should be nuts. everyone should experience a whiteout game in Happy Valley.
  22. If he becomes our new HC, I’ll support him until he gives me a reason not to. I do think people can grow and change. That being said, there are successful leaders that achieve success by creating other great leaders and there are successful leaders that demand obedience. From what I can tell based on the success of his past coordinators transitioning to head coaching jobs, I think Bill is the latter. An obedient coordinator doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to develop their leadership skills.
  23. Rams have actually been pretty awful this year on offense. Won't stop them from putting up 30+ next sunday on the road though.
  24. You really don't know, you think you know, but you really don't know...and you never will.
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