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  2. Im with ya. I dont know what his price tag will be. Definitely not as cheap as Ishmael but I dont think he is more than a 4-6 mill a year guy max. Id like yo keep him as he has good chemistry but we could use another playmaker next to Debo. Foye just screams natural WLB to me when I watch him. Fluid, quick, speedy....good coverage guy. Id love if he earns the nickel Job to start season.
  3. Absolutely. We have many of those diamond in a rough stories. 7th round pick. Turned into a quality NFL RB. Versatile as **** and a good ST guy. My favorite is Rico Allen. My story is similar on a lower level. Im the same size as Rico. Played CB in high school. Pretty nice ballhawk but small. I only got 1 offer to Elon. Went there and turned into 2nd team All-CAA defender at FS. I love seeing guys counted out or flying wayyy under the radar turn into good next level players.
  4. He already broke out last year
  5. Can we pls trade or draft a season or two ahead now geez
  6. What type of games do you like, and which consoles do you have?
  7. As a side note Holy ******* **** it's hot. My Memorial day plans are not dying while grilling. I am considering not using the fire to cook the meat. Let it suffer slowly like me.
  8. Your logic is too sound for me to counter. But I can still be annoyed about that 3rd pick. I don’t care what anyone says, too 100 picks are gold
  9. No one said it's only us you gnat.
  10. Won 5 straight series'. 2 against St. Louis, 1 against Milwaukee, 1 against Arizona (the other being San Fran). I'll take it
  11. Every draft is a crap shoot. You don't know who is going to get hurt or wind up being a bad fit (for whatever reason). I think our fans were spoiled by the 2016 draft. The funny thing about it is that they complained about it at the time. Personally, I was underwhelmed by the Lindstrom pick until we also got McGary. The implications got me hyped. It kills me that NFL front offices spend hundreds of thousands of dollars scouting players, interviewing them, working them out, doing background and credit checks, talking to former teammates, teachers, counselors, and coaches, yet fans think that their familiarity with the players from watching on Saturday afternoons is enough to determine front offices don't worry about winning. I love college football, but I have never watched one player for an entire live college football game. If that's productive use of your time, you might need to step out and enjoy life away from football for awhile. Don't get me wrong; we have a right to complain and it would be boring if nobody did. And every team whiffs on somebody in every draft. But it's the tone of some of these wannabe GMs' posts that is so annoying.
  12. Why are you weak on terror and Why do you hate our troops?? Barney's nut shack shade of purple btw
  13. Tell em old fart....not the same
  14. That works great in a lot of divisions, but unfortunately all 3 rival QBs in our division do very well against pressure. Newton and Winston will just take off running and Brees will dump it off. In pretty much any other other division, pressures are almost as good as sacks. The NFC West will probably be another exception this year though.
  15. Stat King strikes again... Thats amazing
  16. It’s only a matter of time. Always just a matter of time. As long as corporations run this country there will always be another conflict somewhere to exploit for their profits, while the taxpayers and common people pay the price. Send the poor to die so these multi national corporations can make more billions. There was a whole other war in Laos coinciding with the Vietnam War that has never been taught in the United States to my knowledge. We lost both. It was possibly the turning point of the CIA from intelligence gathering into being a militaristic organization. We dropped so many bombs on Laos that it averages out to a planeload every 8 minutes, every day, for a decade. It was mostly over control of opium, which is a major part of the war in Afghanistan as well that they have managed to keep mostly quiet. The people of this country don’t understand how badly we are manipulated. It’s insane.
  17. It’s a non-sequitur. The first 3 points are all arguments for a long term deal, but the 4th point strays away from that premise. No need to escalate it.
  18. But it’s only us.....
  19. Nice to win one like we lose..
  20. I hear ya. But the diff now is: we are no loner a team that has never had back to back winning seasons we are a team that’s been seen in the playoffs quite a few times in the past 10 years The 2016 season put ppl on notice i and likely others think that if we hadn’t hired Sark, we make it back to the SB in 2017. Our team is stacked with talent. If our OLine is as good as we think it will be, we will have another 2016 season type offense and with DQ calling the defense, I think our D will be just fine.
  21. It’s getting him signed with all these other contracts. Dimitroff will earn his keep the next 12 months. Falcons cap situation has some real challenges ahead The team is about to find out that you can’t keep everybody. Outside factors In the NFL, you’re only the highest-paid player for so long. Agents piggy back off previous deals to get their guys the biggest compensation package they can. For Grady Jarrett, his agent is likely looking to beat the Fletcher Cox deal of last year (six years, $102.6 million) and maybe even approach Aaron Donald numbers. For Deion Jones, his agent will undoubtedly look at the recent C.J. Mosley deal as the starting point for negotiations (five years, $85 million with $51 million guaranteed). Keanu Neal is likely going to want the Landon Collins contract (six years, $84 million with $44.5 million guaranteed). The numbers for tight ends also appear to be escalating, which will only drive the price tag for Austin Hooper up. On top of all that, both Hooperand Jones are playing in the last year of their rookie deals. The Falcons probably don’t want to go into the 2020 offseason having to negotiate with two players at once. I’d expect Deion to get a contract sometime during the 2019 season. Options in 2020 and beyond Right now, the Falcons have about $13 million in cap space (come June 1) and will need about $8 million to sign their draft class. Getting Grady signed to a long-term deal could free up some space this year, but the reality is 2020 is going to be challenging. Using, the projected salary cap in 2020 will be $200 million. Right now, the Falcons only have 33 players under contract. To get to the 53, that means getting 20 more guys signed. As it stands today, they will have just under $42 million for 2020. Assuming an average of just $1 million per player, that wipes out $20 million from the 2020 cap, and that’s without Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones and Austin Hooper on the list. If the Jarrett deal is anything like the Fletcher Cox deal, his 2020 cap hit could be $20 million by itself. That said, there are some options - but they’re painful ones. Guys like Alex Mack ($8 million cap savings), Mohamed Sanu ($6.5 million cap savings) and Desmond Trufant ($4.95 million cap savings) are all very possible options to be cut to make room for the forthcoming big contracts. The team could also look to convert Matt Ryan’s salary to a bonus again to free up space ( up to $15 million in 2020) and could do the same with Jake Matthews (up to $7 million in 2020). However, those conversions also push significantly higher cap hits into 2021 and beyond and could just be delaying some painful decisions. Reality It’s not all doom and gloom. The team has a lot of options they can pursue to keep some of their star players here for years to come. Yet, with new mega-deals being announced almost daily, the team may be forced into watching some of their homegrown talent walk out the door. The situation isn’t dire, but it is definitely challenging. The success of recent draft classes has put the team in a position where keeping everyone just isn’t possible. The decision now, then, is who to keep.
  22. Some people make that mistake. Do you remember Eddie Johnson, who was one of my all-time favorite Hawks players? He was bi-polar (or "manic-depressive" as they called it, but now is apparently a pejorative). When he was on his meds, he was steady as a rock and a precursor to Chris Paul as a short but aggressive point guard. Well, dude used to get to the point where his meds made him feel fine so like a bunch of bi-polar people, he assumed he didn't need them. When he came off one time, he test drove an expensive car that he decided not to return and almost got arrested. Another time, he jumped off the second floor balcony of a woman that he was cheating with (he was married) while her husband or boyfriend was shooting at him. Then, you had Hank Gathers, who might have been an NBA hall of famer one day, who felt sluggish as a result of his medication for arrhythmia and talked his doctor into lowering his dosage shortly before he died on the court. Might have happened with Reggie Lewis, too. If people are willing to risk their lives by reducing the meds they take to save them, you can bet your *** there are plenty of cautionary tales of idiots who didn't appreciate the blessing that they had with a pro sports contract and burned the only bridge they had. Hope Vic is not that guy, but if he is, God speed.
  23. That's the thing. Used to be the small anti war voice was kind of the sole provence of the social far left with maybe some religious objectors sprinkled in. Kind of seems like maybe the war hawks have started shrinking back to the ideological center since the post 9/11 years. It's the closest thing to a reedeming quality I've ever been able to find in (some) of the tea party/alt right is at least they pay lip service to libertarian attitudes of foreign interventionlism. It's probably the only reason Trump keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth on this stuff. Honestly we'll probably never know till all the boomers and foriegn policy think tank ivy league pupils have been replaced in Washington (be they former Bush cronies or those kids from Pod Save America), but for the first time in my memory, I'm sorta somewhat confident in the public to start punishing this stuff
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