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  2. You must have forgotten that we took Jake Matthews with the 5th pick in the draft. Drafted Peter Konz which was a bust. Also we brought in Pro bowler Alex Mack. Made 2 significant signings at guard, and traded for Ty Sambralo recently.
  3. ESPN feels like they have to explain everything that happened with Simmons right away to avoid negative media coverage, what a sick joke
  4. Can you explain why?
  5. i WAS watching the espn feed, but some posters said nfl network announced the pick and kept it stepping because it was boring pick...
  6. How would khalen Saunders fit our defensive line?
  7. Serious. They didn’t need to do that
  8. I watch NFL network instead I hate ESPN
  9. Mack is like a future HOFer. If he has to live up to that to be worth a top 15 pick then we're in trouble.
  10. To everyone asking why we drafted a guard when we signed two guards.......ever heard of depth and competition for the position? Come on. Those guard signings are not really expected to be long term starters.
  11. ok dude, they missed. And so did 32 other teams if he was undrafted. It happens. Let's just hope we didn't miss on this pick and that he helps to solidify our OL
  12. Awful pick. Did we lose the last 3-4yrs because of offense? NO!!!! DEFENSE has sucked for 5yrs plus. Sick of this FO. Quinn is a puppet. We go 9wins then I’m all for gutting this staff.
  13. Hopefully they get a bruiser back later on.
  14. McCoy or Ford
  15. Yiu get to talk mass smack lol
  16. BOOING someone is totally not just something you do "because you feel like it." You do it when it's necessary. They could have given him more time to answer than just straight up boo him as he was beginning his answer.
  17. We also have a player who could step in and play C if Mack went on IR with an injury.
  18. I was about fixing the line then they paid all those guys so the pick threw me for a loop. I didn't want Wilkins.l, big dex still on the board. I think lol. I agree, if you can run that opens the door for a lot of things. We could not run last year.
  19. Actually don't fully agree on the pass rush thing as most of the guys i liked in this draft on the edge are in rounds 2 and 3. I wasn't a huge fan of Burns although i do like Montez Sweat and would be cool trading back up for him. But im a huge fan of Chase Winovich, Joe Jackson, Jaylon Ferguson, Oshane Ximines, and Polite.
  20. I admit I know nothing. I’m thrown off, but I’m not angry because I don’t really know
  21. Obviously the good news is that he's so disrespected that the football gods might decide he needs to be better than some guys taken over him.
  22. The problem is this guy was at a school less than 50 miles from the Falcon facility! Are you telling me we didn't have a scout planted at their home state Division 1 school? Lamont Gaillard started 42 games in a row to end his UGA career with the first 13 coming at right guard. The final 29 were at center, where he earned All-SEC honors at the end of his senior season. The potential for growth is there for Gaillard, who just wrapped up his fourth season as an offensive lineman
  23. Hear Hear! All we heard about
  24. Just makes sense. We've been COMPLAINING about our OL not getting a high investment for years now. WE HAVENT DRAFTED A GUARD IN ROUND 1 FOR DECADES!!! This board is so bipolar JUST because everyone was tunneling on OTHER names on the OL in mock drafts or Defense; and OL wasn't the sexy pick in mocks. We fixing the OL. Let's go.
  25. The point is you don't boo someone for doing what's right. Even if he was patronizing them (your words).
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