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  2. I like how the anonymous source is calling Trump a spineless piece of **** who screwed up some negotiations, like there's someone listening to the call while Trump's just completely ****ting himself in negotiations to the point of accidently causing genocide, and afterward Trump's just like "we're telling people I meant to do this."
  3. If DQ can't right the ship vs the Rams and adjust then I would like to see Raheem get an audition...check this out...Seems perfect for our D right now.
  4. This man is so trash when Takk had the chance to make the sack big could have helped instead he stood there titty fighting with the offensive Lineman. Both of them stopped and watched Takk chase Murray around.
  5. 56% is not far away from the average completion percentage in the NFL... on all downs... this defense does not even have third down plays, it just plays the same basic stuff no matter what down... I tried to rip the hair out of my head when I see that almost all defenders don‘t play the sticks on third down and give space that you typically would offer on first down.
  6. It's so frustrating seeing guys just reacting to things and not anticipating what's going to happen. It's like DQ and/or the players think their speed and athleticism is good enough to make plays. Nah...the whole point of zone is keeping things in front of you but ALSO reading, reacting, and most importantly, anticipating. They play like they just discovered the game football last week. You can have all the speed and athleticism in the world but if you don't have football smarts, instincts, the "it" factor, commitment to your craft, etc...the 4.3 speed and 40" vert means nothing.
  7. there was an improvement in the second half but still not enough...we need to improve from that vs the Rams and play much better.
  8. Judging by the countless game threads started where you make predictions, I’d venture to say you’re a betting man (albeit not a very successful one).. with that being said, would you care to place a wager on that one?
  9. The bye week is my prediction too but where is the direct quote from Blank?
  10. Does it matter tanking is tanking imagine having that mindset in battle. Footballs like going to war every weekend you don’t step onto the field of battle half hearted. Argh no wait minute you would just for a better draft pick. mad597 going gets tough he gets going the other way with his tail between his legs.
  11. It's everyone's responsibility including the players out there. Players get cut...coaches get fired...GM's get replaced, too. The key is identifying the cause of the infection. It may just be..."multiple"
  12. Cover-0 10 times a game and see what sticks, 50-0 at halftime who cares?!
  13. It’s all about his wallet and personal life. IF/when this affects him directly his tune will change like all of them on the right.
  14. Yep nothing good came out of those last 3 wins, only a worse draft pick in each round.
  15. I'd be afraid if someone brought Montana off the street to play us.
  16. This means Quinn will be fired in 3 weeks.
  17. Arthur Blank worries too much about how firing DQ during the season will look like... he ignores that all experts agree that DQ is coaching the worst the NFL has seen in a decade... people are dissecting dozens if defense plays and ridiculing the Falcons that it goes on week after week after week... if the owner ignores that and does nothing, it actually looks worse not firing the HC... now I realize that with this statement he prepares everyone for a move during the bye week but Blank needs to do it with more authority... I hope this is at least done internally.
  18. The product on the field is the responsibility of the coaching staff
  19. yeah but Alford wasn't bench till late in the year. The DC may have been fired but the real DC of this team has always been Quinn. He also hired Kutty for more continuity. Freeman is washed up and not as good as everyone thinks he is, and Matt Ryan still struggles making deep throws. Defense has the same ailments as last year. can't defend the run, and a lot of players regressed (Campell, Trufart, Oliver, Bustley, Takk, and Kazee).
  20. Oklahoma covers?
  21. And Mariota is no longer starting for the Titans. Benched! Let THAT sink in!
  22. I am more surprised we actually stopped the other 44%.
  23. Vel I’ll bang the table for a guy to be somewhere in this building when it comes to retooling yeah I would in some capacity.
  24. Apparently its Sheffield > Oliver for now...Tru has to play to be trade bait...right?
  25. I cant imagine paying to watch this team play. Im curious to see the turnout at the next home game
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