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  2. Rape incest medical also address the issues that lead to people wanting abortions. Your laws aren’t going to stop them. Also you need to increase aid to welfare and change adoptions. You aren’t really helping by making something illegal unless you try to solve the other problems that cause it. Surface level solutions without the thought of consequences are going to lead to the poor and disenfranchised to be worse off. But we’d have to go beyond one topic.
  3. Juuuust enough to open the thread that was labeled something you don't care about and respond. Got it.
  4. Dan Quinn pins touchdown on poor technique by Falcons rookie In that moment, in that part of the field, you want (Oliver) to play it from high to low," Quinn said. "As opposed to a communication error, that was a technique error. Those scars aren't fun." We have our own little twist on it, but it’s basically a cover-2,” Oliver said. “So I probably should’ve sank back a little bit more, like 3 or 4 yards. Coach (Marquand) Manuel said that it (hurts) right now, but you’ve just got to take it and learn something from it. It can’t all be negative.”
  5. After giving up the lead, leave it to AS to tie it back up
  6. That's drug cos not the medical system per se. That's partially the problem with most of issues. Between a lawsuit infatuated society that wants to sue every doctor for all he has for trying to save their loved one to the major medical drug companies charging so much. Fix those two things and you fix alot before you even get to insurance.
  7. Mods, let's go ahead and make an appointment at planned parenthood for this thread. It's time to say goodbye.
  8. So if we allowed abortion solely for rape situations would that satisfy you? Cause that's not even a whole 1% of abortions in the US.
  9. The years the Patriots won the Super Bowl Since Brady was there. Brady’s Super Bowl Years Defensive Rankings in Points Allowed: 2001: #6 2003: #1 2014: #8 2016: #1 2018: #7 So Brady has never won a Super Bowl unless he had either the best defense in NFL, or at very worst the 8th best in points allowed. How can anyone ignore the fact Ryan with the NFLs #27th ranked defense, had Brady, with the NFLs #1 ranked defense beat in the 2016 Super Bowl? Sure, Shanny and DQ whiffed on clock management allowing Pats back in, but Ryan had the game won.
  10. Best healthcare system
  11. Does it matter if its an android lol? Im so old.
  12. NODODY ever said there was no value in ota’s Who said that??? There you go with alternate facts again. How many times do I have to tell you words matter. Don’t change the words I use to align with YOUR narrative. I said it wasn’t an issue that Julio wasn’t there. I SAID there’s value in ota’s but it’s mostly for younger guys. And that’s a fact. I said it doesn’t count until the pads come on tho. And Kazee May have started at FS but he didn’t play the entire game at FS before he was ejected. They rotated. I give 2 f*cks what coaches say. I watch the actual game. That’s no different than Beasley starting the game at LB but eventually he plays DE. I WATCHED that game. How you start the game may not be how you end the game. When you stop changing the words I use I’ll stop saying this thread had an agenda. Because the pulse of it does. Everybody saw that. Off top!!
  13. No one on this board likes mainstream democrats (Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Biden etc) nearly as much as some of the righties love Trump.
  14. Come on Dawgs
  15. That's about what I'd expect, so we're on the same page. I always like having a 4 or 5 who I think can turn into a 2 (even if it's not likely) and we don't have that right now. I'd like a super shifty sticky handed guy and a tall possession guy who you try to make into more. I'm a big fan of the trait based 3rd-5th round WRs. Hopefully Gage will make a bigger jump than either of us expect this year, and Hardy will just be that solid backup with good hands. Maybe a UDFA will surprise.
  17. I still haven't heard a good defense of tabloid network journalism
  18. Glad I could help someone. Lol
  19. me everytime we start down this Iran war path
  20. Fellow Falcons fans feel free to follow me on Twitter @ryan2jones
  21. Blah
  22. Remember that key word I kept trying to get FFS70 tk understand? OFF BALL about when reed stood up turning the defense 3-4 on that play. Anyway Debo is this important to the defense.
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