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  2. Yoooooo lmao not like this!
  3. Ok but he was also extremely lazy. So which factor mattered more?
  4. Horrible strike 3 call on Freeman...
  5. I doubt he could spell his name. Wouldn’t know enough to come in out of the pouring rain He like that grape drank though. This is all one needs to know about him “Life coach” fires JaMarcus Russell
  6. Ok so there’s one we left out. Work ethic/commitment to football. Did Russell fail to low IQ? I don’t think so. I think he failed bc he was lazy.
  7. @Iron Saint is legit here and on SR.
  8. Reagan was a friggin' libtard.
  9. Hope they do it before they a cheerleading crew full of pregos waddling out on the field and doing high kicks.
  10. hammilton dashboard still isn't up, how are we supposed to fight the troll bots if we can't even see them
  11. Atlanta bout to secede from Georgia
  12. Nice RBI single, Freddie! 3-1 Braves
  13. Yes!! Freddie!! 3-1 Braves!!
  14. Just turned the game on and have seen that the Phillies lost. Hopefully we can gain a game on them tonight!
  15. FTR: I'm not dropping this here, so don't @ me.
  16. As they say in New York, “practice practice practice”.
  17. The specificity of the description will keep me awake for days. I just know that one day someone will drop that reference and out me when they see the spark of recognition register on my face.
  18. As I always say to @silentbob1272...
  19. Internet people are supposed to know what vore is. I don't know why but it's the rule if you're on the internet long enough.
  20. I always wondered how he knows all this ****!
  21. Well that was a completely different left side Ozzie look from even the first 10 days to 2 weeks there. God I hope he gets rewarded for ditching going back to the straight bat, because after he was adjusted to, the straight back had sucked.
  22. You are not a nice person. I can scrub my search history but it's gonna take some high powered hooch to scrub my brain properly.
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