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  2. Yeah, nice try buddy. You lost this one lol
  3. He's talking about last year or did he do something else this year? He did seem better in what limited time I was able to listen to him.
  4. Have you even read this statement? You’re either a PS player or you play like a 1st rounder? Care to elaborate?
  5. Agree. And dont blame the guy for asking to get paid more....he deserves every penny outthere. Hes been absolute clutch for us and a great team player.
  6. Ugh..... Woke Thor... boo. I would be interested in Blade, but it's going to be hard to see blade cast as somebody else, other than snipes.
  7. ?? I'm not angry. Sn4tteRBoxXeR expressed concern that your discourse was a setup to get him banned and I advised him to be wary of continuing the discussion. I would have posted the the same if you had similar concerns. Life is too short to engage in toxic conversation with someone you don't trust. When I get angry, this thread is the last place that I spend my time.
  8. You understand how weird it is that you are saying "I'm gonna need proof that some other white person said almost verbatim what the President of The United States said before I believe this is a serious issue."
  9. The czar predicts us 3rd in the division but then says we could get back to the Sb. I’m thinking at least better than .3rd in the division.
  10. When specifically does APY matter? And, how is it better or more useful than actual cap hit? I’ll wait.
  11. I mean..... No.
  12. Had this issue follow me throughout my whole life. I'm glad somebody is finally shining a light on it.
  13. I remember playing online back in the day and of course every pass play the game would lag right when I went to throw the ball. This also occurred every time I tried to kick a FG. It was almost like the other person was wiggling the wire connection to cause it.......
  14. And they haven't actually drafted a franchise QB since.... Hebert?Archie? When Brees retires they will go back to Buccs territory.
  15. We lost those to sucker the saints into trading for him
  16. The overalls are lower but they did it across the board so no complaint there. I like that aspect because having the worst players in the NFL ranked 65 is too high. I think Matt Ryan is higher than an 89 but other than that it looks reasonable.
  17. It's part of why the NCAA is under such pressure to take action. These kids are now given free reign to jump in the portal, and usually do so without actually exploring their options first, leaving a lot of them stuck in limbo, and having to either go somewhere not a desirable choice or to return to the school that they often already just burned their bridges at. The whole thing is in massive need of structure and guidelines, not just to protect the schools, but to protect the students most of all.
  18. Today
  19. It matters a lot and I do
  20. Why stop at 10? I see your 10 and raise you another 10. 20 sacks or no dreads.
  21. I still think offense finishes ranked higher than defense in both points and yards. I say this based on what we did for the OL, the WR corps, Hoopers continued growth, Freeman back,with Ito and Ollison behind him with a FB bigger than Ovie Mughelli when needed. I also think Ito is going to really surprise some people with a real OL to run behind. Don’t forget he led NFL in making defenders miss and what he did to Luke Kuechly last year a couple of times. Thats not to say I think the defense will not be good. I am sure defense will get back in top 10 in both categories as well.
  22. Not as great of a game changer, but the home run on the top of the wall towards Riley was also an out by a true good outfielder. Not a shot against Riley either. Just saying. The read and timing was off. It’s not his fault. A true really good outfielder makes that play. Then again the same outfielder may not hit home runs either so there you go.
  23. Why so angry tonight @JayOzOne?
  24. During the postgame Joe Simpson announced it's his last TV appearance of the season. He then said "dont say bad things on TV, itll get you". You could tell he hates losing his spot in the booth.
  25. It was called a base hit and then an advance on an error. I think that's correct as that was hit too slow and in the perfect place (and I get crapped on for saying it by a certain older person on another board, but that's gonna happen with sinkerballing pitchers at times. You're gonna make a pitch, and it's gonna simply be hit too soft and be a hit, in fact, this hurt him at times in his cameo last year). Just absolute stupid crap luck sometimes. He gave up 2 rockets that inning but otherwise it was 3 bleeders, including the pitcher and that is the whole cause that ended up being a 3 run inning, and before that inning he had been looking absolutely on. They did also jump on him throwing first pitch on the plate strikes, but still, two of them were absolutely bleeders.
  26. Lol someone is emotional. All I'm saying is why ***** here about the comment section?
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