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  2. I agree. Dorsey basically jumped 13 spots just for drafting mayfield and trading for Beckham. He doesn’t have the body of work that TD does. I’d have TD at #3, behind Belichick and Colbert.
  3. The problem is that Grady is not asking for what he "deserves" but what he imagines he deserves. It seems his asking price is so high (must think he is Aaron Donald) that the best thing is happening for the Falcons: He plays this year at his best because he knows his future financial success is on the line if his performance dips The Falcons basically are paying him what they would be paying him if he did sign a big contract (although larger salary cap hit this year) He will probably test free agency next year and find out that his market value is not as big as he thinks it is The Falcons will be in a great bargaining position if he does come back to them after not getting what he is currently asking The Falcons have the opportunity to draft a replacement for him this year and have less need for him if he does find a better offer elsewhere His best years are probably now and he will probably show decline in 3 or so years based on other DT's
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  5. Gary is a potential move, but who knows the Falcons board? Apparently, TD has his guy already marked, Oh, I don't doubt Dex as a pocket collapse type. Just need enough guys that can finish around him. Any voters on that? VB in final year. GJ just signed a tender and TBD on him staying here long term if we're viewing things as of today. Takk needs to become a monster, doubt VB comes back but maybe he goes off in a contract year for money. So far we got Senat and Takk signed for 2020. The DL move(s) this draft need to line up with our plans moving forward. I'm fine with 1T...I want more hybrid DE/DT depth. Don't mind rotating Jarrett to 1T and in sub-packages would love him together with EO. Dex is a fallback plan, IMO unless they really project his pass rush upside with a plan to keep GJ. That'd be fine with me, too. Just put DE off for next year and develop a 4th rounder this year? Dex at 14 OL round 2 CB round 3 EDGE round 4 etc
  6. That’s how I’m feeling about him these days too bro. I know it’s in him. Mind over matter.
  7. #1 is probably the amount that might take their ball home on election day if they think there's hanky-panky during the primaries. Really not that high a number, if you ask me.
  8. Beasley will get sacks this year if healthy. Dex would help Vic on stunts but more importantly, keep our LB clean. Foye is our 3rd fastest player and Debo our 4th. Keep em clean and watch them clean **** up Im convinced there are other factors at play behind Vic’s production slip. He was on pace to match his 2016 numbers with 4 sacks in his first 6 games. But he tore his hamstring and the team foolishly didn’t sit him the recommended 6 weeks. He finished with 4 sacks in the last 7 games in 2018. I expect 10-12 sacks but still suck donkey cheeks vs the run. But we can draft Zach Allen in the 3rd to help out on the edge
  9. This dudes mock last year was waaayyyy off
  10. I couldn't think of anything that would disillusion a young progressive voter more than seeing Joe Biden get this nomination after getting Hillary vs Trump four years prior.
  11. TD should be higher ....And Dorsey hasn’t won squat yet.
  12. Yea, but he'll always be #32 in our hearts
  13. But but but but but but that can't be!!! No way that the truth could just like we said that the Braves got a bad opening draw and the Phillies would have likely clobbered any one they played and those 3 games didn't determine the season. That is why this place is so annoying!!
  14. Or maybe the fans should just get to the stadium earlier and in their seats? If the Falcons start getting more late games then that means I'll probably get less games on TV because I'll be getting Cowboys games instead.
  15. Smells like a trade up.
  16. Sine the draft is upon us, I found this video kinda interesting. There is a random Tommy Nobis fact around 1:46. Some of you might have known, But I didn't know yeah here.[ YT ]33xe97Jg-tc&t=108s[ /YT ]
  17. Unless he shoots himself in the foot, yes. But his feet are far from safe due to his mouth.
  18. Just imagine what’s going to happen once they solve the middle relief issues!
  19. He couldn’t possibly be outside top 5. Should be #3 IMO Id switch Colbert & TD. The Steelers are a mess at the moment and some of that falls on the GM
  20. My boys life just changed drastically . Happy for him . Now extend the youngcat . His prime is on the horizon .
  21. Remember this. Don't read too much into polls at this junction.
  22. Do not trust Gary whatsoever... Dexter Lawrence though??? That dude improves every pass rusher on the field... And he’s got a little juice as a rusher himself.
  23. Our starter ERA isn't good, either. We have a team ERA of 4.68. Our bullpen ERA is 4.71. We just can't pitch, and it's especially frustrating because when the starters get the job done, the bullpen seems to fail and vice versa.
  24. TD was #5 last year too. John Dorsey jumped 13 spots from last year to rank in front of TD this year.
  25. And then 6-32 ?
  26. Yeah...I know...
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