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  2. I ride the heck out of that hov on 20 by myself lol. My days are probably numbered. Saw this lady clip a simi Thursday. Saw it coming in slow motion. Clipped then rolled over twice hit the barrier, some how landed on wheels and rolled past me to the grass. She was lucky to be alive. All i could think is what is that car doing?
  3. Could it be Josh Allen?
  4. Lol. And yet Ryan still has a better win %. Heres a cherry picked stat for you. Ryan win % as Falcons QB - 70.6% Brees win % as Saints QB - 70.4%
  5. Calm down Nostradumbazz and enjoy your egg hunt. <<<<<
  6. My first sentence “from a numbers perspective” I didn’t say it was the next fearsome foursome. More like they had depth. Rarely do you have 4 studs on the dline these days. It’s more like 2 really good guys and then you need a bunch of decent depth guys to round it out. Falcons had neither of those but at least they have better depth. Add in a decent 1st rounder and they have a dline trending towards the league average instead of dangerously thin... which was what last season was. Counting on three guys to do everything.
  7. Agreed, just thought there was a reason for it.
  8. This one of the best examples of how.overrated 225 reps are. Puts up 35 and might as.well have hooves for hands out there.
  9. Good, that should quash the theory they the circular symbol means the NK is a Targ. The Targs didn’t arrive in Westeros until hundreds of years after the NK was created by the COF.
  10. Sherman has been hinted at for months as a likely G-Day (or shortly thereafter) public commit. The mumblings are definitely that it's a when not if situation, as he's been silently committed for some time. Gilbert I'm still not sure I buy. I think he'll be a Dawg, and more and more people seem to think he'll pull the trigger this weekend, but I'm not sure I see it. Hadn't heard anything on Whitehead pulling the trigger this weekend at all, so that would be news to me. I honestly would prefer he didn't pull the trigger this soon... Kid in Athens commits this soon, that smells of someone who decides to look elsewhere before the end of the cycle more often than not... but just my opinion.
  11. I mean its going to though if your legitimately trying to upgrade. Id say mre patchwork than junk yard. You want the best available and cant afford high quality you get high quantity. Its how we beat the Germans in WW2. Bring in as many players with NFL experience as possible, and create fierce.competition. This roster isnt close to complete. would you feel better if they were doing the normal "well we like player x but he has to get better at..." B. s. We get every year? i feel better with them doing what can be done to upgrade weaknesses. Atleast they are.showing that they are aware that we arent set. That is definitely a.step in the right direction. they said they wanted to fix the trenches, and they are doing what can be done to fix the trenches. I find it recreshing myself.
  12. I think the worst part about the post was asking if he was going to be playing this season.
  13. Detained is the wrong word. I’m not sure why all of the outlets seemed to regurgitate it. The meat of the info says they conducted a welfare check and Takk went willingly to talk to someone.
  14. Who said anything about treating them differently?
  15. Billy, can you have Noam speak with Squirrely Bob? Thanks in advance
  16. Still makes it a fair question and not random.
  17. Doesn’t calling us judgy women make you a judgy woman as well?
  18. Since then Quinn has stated that he’s in a good place.
  19. Remember when Nostradumbazz predicted that Republicans would gain seats in the House and Senate in 2018?
  20. As far as politics go I'm Lincoln and you're Douglas. Does that answer your question? And if you remember their stump speeches, Lincoln was quite titillating while Douglas was a pompous bore.
  21. Even though the left-wing media will never give him credit, President Trump has been far tougher on Russia than his predecessor, Barack Obama. For starters, it was President Obama who, according to Reuters, was “caught on camera” saying to a Russian leader that he’ll have more flexibility after the election — not President Trump. The fact is, President Trump has been quite tough on Russia. So much so, the sanctions resemble a Russian nesting doll: one sanction of top of another, on top of another. Just last April, the Trump administration imposed new sanctions on Russia — including strict sanctions on seven of Russia’s richest individuals and 17 top government officials for their interference in our elections. The sanctions directly penalized President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle by prohibiting them from traveling to the United States ever again. He did this by opening a bank account in the West, preventing them from doing business with the West and prohibiting anyone else to do business on their behalf. The sanctions were significant — among the toughest sanctions ever placed on individuals in a foreign country, with the exception of perhaps Iran and North Korea. Yet like many of Trump’s successes, it received minimal mainstream media coverage. During his first month in office in January 2017, President Trump upheld strict sanctions to punish Russia for its unlawful 2014 annexation of Crimea. With those sanctions, the Trump administration punished more than three dozen individuals and organizations that were behind the invasion of Ukraine. Even Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had a hand in the actions, stating that there would be no easing of the sanctions until Russia meets its obligations under the 2015 Minsk agreement — the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine. In August 2017, Trump signed a bill slapping even more sanctions on Russia — this time specifically aimed at the country’s energy and defense industries. Congress made the legislation Trump-proof, meaning that no executive order could ever undo such sanctions; yet Trump signed it anyway. In fact it was Trump — not Obama — who ordered the closure of Russian diplomatic properties in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City that appeared to be a threat to American security. It was also President Trump who shuttered the Russian consulate in Seattle. To be sure, Obama kicked 35 Russian diplomats out of the country after suspected election meddling by Russia, but only after Trump won the 2016 election. It is questionable whether he would have done so had Hillary Clinton succeeded in being the victor. Furthermore, it was President Trump who led the world in expelling Russian diplomats after the Russian government was suspected of carrying out a nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom against one of their former spies. President Trump moved swiftly to expel 60 Russian diplomats from U.S. soil, and other countries followed suit by expelling dozens as well. In addition to stringent sanctions, President Trump has also called out Russia publicly. During a landmark speech last year in Poland, Trump lambasted Russia for using oil to hold NATO’s Eastern European countries hostage. Trump underscored the dangers of those countries’ dependence on Russian oil deliveries to keep their people warm during the winter, leading to their inability to criticize Russia the rest of the year. The Trump administration even offered to help identify alternative energy sources for the region. Trump’s remarks on European soil was the energy industry equivalent of Reagan’s “tear down that wall” speech. Compare all of the above actions to Obama’s milquetoast policy on Russia and outright appeasement on issues such as the “red line” that Russia blew right past in Syria. Obama’s lackluster track record with Russia is in stark contrast to the Trump administration that has already, in its first 18 months, surpassed what Obama did over a total of eight years.
  22. You also play 'knowledgeable politician' here. And you can't even do it right.
  23. I said this in another thread, but with 5 days to go, I think we’re now staying put at #14, letting the draft come to us, and taking the most conservative pro-ready OL available, ala Jake Matthews’ draft. There will be no projects drafted this year in the first, it has to be a guaranteed starter.
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