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  2. Jalen Ramsey was one of those players I'd be okay trading for. Hes a legit shut down CB.
  3. Massive! Like, at least... hundreds of people! If I was anywhere near there I'd gladly crack a couple stink bombs just to be a **** about it.
  4. She had that look the whole time. Watch the video... /js
  5. Well I wasn’t replying to you when I made that list. I was relying to the guy that said OSU guys get stomped in the NFL. And 4 of those guys were defensive lineman.
  6. Automated umps still need some tweaking.
  7. Robert Saleh could.
  8. Hoping Goff and Rams have 600 yards of offense. Cant afford to blow a top pick like last year.
  9. Worrilow was top 3 in tackles almost every year, this means he was doing his job and nearly as good as kuechly.
  10. Dan Quinn Starts and stops with Dan Quinn
  11. I don’t care what the reason is my guy has regressed . I excused his play last year because of what he was tasked with but this year there is no excuse . He hasn’t looked good & id like to see Grace get his reps .
  12. So, you guys are ready to bench the team leader in tackles? I look at those film clips and see Takks fault on one, Jones' fault on 2 others and one just an unlucky missed tackle on DeVondre. Credit the receiver. Everyone just seems to be trying to find blame somewhere. Throwing darts, but hitting nothing.
  13. No hate whatsoever. Film don't lie though and we need to field the best possible team. If that is with DC in the starting lineup, cool. If not, sobeit. Honestly my biggest issue with him is him responding to the idiots on twitter. I also called out Debo in other threads, his play has not been where it needs to be either.
  14. Where tackles occur is a thing. He's dragging down a lot of guys in Paul Worrilow territory.
  15. Should have been benched in 2017, DefailDre has been Garbage for a long time but his loyalists and riders didn't see it.
  16. Dude we’re 1-5 . Their isn’t a leader in sight & if so why does that factor matter we’re 1-5 !? It doesn’t . Winning games matter .
  17. Paul Worrilow could Tackle too. It’s about more then that in football
  18. Riiiiiiiight. That’s why they did it. *wink*
  19. Campbell and Ishmael as well those 2 guys are just awful
  20. We don't need a leader we need to get a top pick this year. Sanu is not staying next year with that 8 million cap hit while we have crater size holes all over the defense to address, let's at least get something back.
  21. Love Mo, but if we want to fix this defense, we gotta cut some niceties.
  22. I agree overall, but Sanu's presence has little impact on Ridley's looks. They play different roles. Sanu is the possession receiver. Ridley is seen as an outside guy by this staff. Hardy is the guy who would see more action in the slot with Sanu out...or all of the possession work could just go to Hooper. Sanu and Hooper play very similar roles on this team. We don't have anyone as versatile as Sanu...I think that is part of why other teams value him. He can pretty much fill the role you need him to fill on your team. He can play slash. He can play wide if you have no Julio. He can play hybrid TE/WR. He is a quality blocker. On top of that, he's just the kind of guy most coaches want on the roster. He out works most and had a very high football IQ. Because three of our losses are out of conference, I think we are about one or two conference losses away from the FO cashing it in. At that point, Sanu will probably be seems to make sense.
  23. So many of you are so quick to judge, or jump on some random hater bandwagon. SMDH DeVondre is 5th in the league in tackles w/ 57. Behind Kuechly and Hicks. He's also tied for 7th in the league in Forced Fumbles. Tied with Jarrett for the team lead as well. You should be hating on Deion Jones for doing jack squat after a big contract extension.
  24. You will get a 2020 6th and 2021 7th and like it, Mister!
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