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  2. good to know! thanks.
  3. Oh I totally agree. No one goes rush rush pass except Mike Mularkey. The problem is, trying to explain those technicalities in a typed word forum is difficult, at best. So Ill put a little more into this post. I'm expecting intelligent readers to read between the lines that a poor rush defense not only lets the other team hold on to the ball longer (T.O.P), but it allows play action to function better and allows for offensive diverse play calling. An additional by-product is that it keeps our offense off the field thus creating more pressure for us to score every time we have a possession. Usually translates into us throwing more than running as we are losing TOP and playing from behind. Lets look at the teams that gave up multiple 200 yard rushing games. These are: The dolphins 2, atlanta 2, buffalo 3, nyj 2, jag 2, Cinn 4, Broncos 2, Raiders 3, Arizona 2. Now think about their records and how many of these teams made the playoffs. None! And all had losing records. These are the top 14 in the draft, and that should only more define what a bad rush defense does to a team. Lets look at the avg yards per rush against these teams AZ 4.9, Atlanta 4.9 Dolphins 4.8, Raiders 4.7 Bengals 4.7, Jets 4.6 Broncos 4.5, Jags 4.3. Dallas made the playoffs and were good run D in the season but then gave up 273 in their loss against the Rams in the playoffs. Again, this is just my vision of things. But there is a clear picture that you must be able to stop the run first. Being able to rush the passer comes only after stopping the run. If anything the 11 personnel groups have made it easier to run the ball as there are fewer big bodies on the field, and players are more spread out.
  4. I agree. I've always been a proponent of dealing with Trump at the ballot box rather than hoping for some magic silver bullet to take him out.
  5. Harper being a clubhouse cancer is one of the open secrets in baseball. There's a reason why I wanted no part of him in Atlanta.
  6. Well yeah. I think most of us are expecting Campbell to be released at some point while Debo and Grady will be mainstays.
  7. Make note of the 6:40 start fellas.
  8. Context is important too. Gould’s 2015 regular season also included devastating misses from 40 and 36 yards in a Dec. 6 overtime home loss to San Francisco and a miss from 50 yards with a chance to tie Washington in regulation the following week. His fortunes may have hit bottom in Thursday’s win at Cleveland in which Gould missed one extra-point attempt and had a second one blocked. He converted all three of his field goals in the game and was 5-for-6 for the preseason. But throughout this offseason and training camp, his accuracy was inconsistent, something not easily dismissed as meaningless after two stretches last season in which he missed three straight field goals. The second of those comprised the San Francisco-Washington difficulties. The first also involved not just a miss, but also a costly miss, as Gould was wide-left from 51 yards in a game won by the Minnesota Vikings with a field goal as time expired in regulation.
  9. That's why I haven't penciled Kazee to full time nickel in my mind. Rico will probably open the season on a snap count. The achilles is fine. Having torn mine, it's not the tendon. It's the mental part and the strength. So long as he's in great shape and got his strength back, he'll be fine. It's mentality doing the thing that you did to tear it that he's got to get over. Once that's happened, it'll be the same Rico.
  10. This is wrong. So wrong it's unbelievable. We continue to play Beasley out of position. And continue to ask Trufant to back up 10 yards from the guys he covers instead of letting him press which is what he's best at.
  11. Probably can't keep Debo and Grady.... and still sign Campbell.
  12. His last year with the Bears he was 33/39 on field goals and 28/29 on extra points. That's far from terrible.
  13. I would hope they wouldn't do that. I was saying you can't keep all 3.
  14. I understand that, hence the "any good DC will find a role for him." DQ, for example, isn't married to one particular scheme over another, so we can plug and play guys regardless of what their background is. Just because SF may run a base 4-3 doesn't mean they can't find a role to rush Ford from a wider, hands in the dirt stance. It's just a matter of finding out what a guy can do well and working with that.
  15. Couldn't the loser be moved to the pen for more relief?
  16. I hope Kushner is one day held accountable for his actions with Israel and Saudi Arabia
  17. I mean he played terrible and then revived his career in San Fran.
  18. Certainly some of my hostility towards the Mueller fanboys comes from being frustrated with myself for not seeing through Trump's attraction to Putin sooner.
  19. Sorry, I misremembered about the “resign” poll. Here’s the poll: Investigation Report 04 19 2019 TRENDED PID.pdf 47% said he should resign. 37% said he should not resign. The “not resign” numbers dropped significantly (from 46% pre-report) and most of those responses went to “don’t know”, which is now at 17%. But that’s far better than the 39% support for impeachment (versus 49% against impeachment).
  20. Bears should have never gotten rid of him.
  21. Wants to play for the Bears
  22. Ryan isn’t Wilson or Rodgers. If his protection is bad, he’s done. He’s not a playmaker. He’s a game manager
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