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  2. That's the thing. Used to be the small anti war voice was kind of the sole provence of the social far left with maybe some religious objectors sprinkled in. Kind of seems like maybe the war hawks have started shrinking back to the ideological center since the post 9/11 years. It's the closest thing to a reedeming quality I've ever been able to find in (some) of the tea party/alt right is at least they pay lip service to libertarian attitudes of foreign interventionlism. It's probably the only reason Trump keeps talking out of both sides of his mouth on this stuff. Honestly we'll probably never know till all the boomers and foriegn policy think tank ivy league pupils have been replaced in Washington (be they former Bush cronies or those kids from Pod Save America), but for the first time in my memory, I'm sorta somewhat confident in the public to start punishing this stuff
  3. I would not care.
  4. I just smack-talked my wife, the Cardinals fan. Sure, this is going to cost me in the bedroom, but I regret nothing.
  5. Luke not the fluke Jackson
  6. Yea Luke.. you shouldn’t even be on a majors roster.. w won the series picked up the game we lost
  7. Yes!!! Braves win!!! 12-4 in their last 16 games!!!
  8. Sweet Jesus! Another series win!
  9. Just how we drew it up.
  10. How you like that cards
  11. I ain't about to root for a guy with that haircut and neck tattoo.
  12. Let's go boyssssssss I never doubted you Luke.
  13. Would love him on my team.
  14. I suspect 8-10 mill avg is what he gets with another PB. I’d sure love to keep him. All the work he & Ryan put in together during offseason isn’t easily replaced
  15. Lol @ anemic swing. You crack me up, Alex.
  16. Bleh, I can't stand Yadi
  17. I messed it up.
  18. One more. Let's get the Yadi out of here.
  19. Come on Luke 1 more out.
  20. One. More. Out!
  21. As Matt enters his twilight years I very seriously doubt we let many offensive weapons go. Especially a tight end which are ridiculously slow to develop in the NFL. With tight ends being relatively cheap and taking years to develop......Hooper is gonna be here. No other plan makes sense really
  22. Carpenter has killed us this series.
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