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  3. how many times has the Qb slipped out of Takks hands compared to Vic?
  4. Oh look there it is again. There's no blind hate, the guy isn't good. If that is your definition of hate then it's no wonder you always get so upset when someone is criticizing a extremely replaceable ball player. If "platoon player" is the positives that you speak of then all I can say is LOL.
  5. I meant recruiter, not receiver, but you got the point hah. But yeah, I can honestly see him being a great college coach.
  6. Don't kill a man's dream.
  7. Show the stats the he isn't good. Just because he isn't liked here doesn't make him not serviceable to others.
  8. Holy **** that's a haul for Jacksonville.
  9. I know you were. But I don't think they were.
  10. Like I said earlier, nobody’s gonna take on that contract.
  11. Hilarious that you brought k rate up.. what was the increase? and as a platoon player, he’d be more than valuable.. but please.. continue your hate.. blindly
  12. But Tru's not good and still expensive though. No one wants that contract.
  13. If we can get a 4th or 5th for Trufant we should take it and run.
  14. He’s called a couple I know of. Which is why he’s so hated.
  15. This is a move that will get GM Les Snead fired over if they don't win it all now because they have mortgaged their future big time over the past season or two.
  16. I hope so. But I was always talking about Trufant.
  17. You won't waste your time because he's got nothing left. He was the most replaceable every day player on the team. The offense got better once he was got hurt. I really don't know why you always come back with the same lame argument instead of just admitting that he's just not good and we can do better. We don't need another coach and that's all he's good for now.
  18. Doesn’t say much against our defense lol. Rams fans will be super happy for a week until hitting reality the next week when their o-line is trash again.
  19. I bet they’ll look great this weekend
  20. The sticking point for both teams was the second first rounder. Neither had issues sending multiple picks for a great corner who is already saying he will break the bank. They absolutely would entertain a lesser price for a good corner at a lesser salary.
  21. Average arm.. ok minimal range? Good enough for a corner OF No speed.. eh devoid of power.. ok whose K rate increased.. to still better than most we know you hate the guy so of course you won’t mention positives.. so I won’t waste your time doing it for you
  22. Pretty sure he's talking about Ramsey.
  23. If he stays in the NFL I’m seeing DL coach as the most likely scenario.
  24. He did with me a long time ago.
  25. A team that thinks they're a good corner away from a Super Bowl.
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