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  2. This has been my suspicion as well. These were what at the time was prbly considered “safe hires” but in reality, as many have stated, they were nothing but retreads and the Falcons have been this years charity program for the jobless line.
  3. And this is what destroyed the Falcons this year. Beasley and others playing poorly , aren't held accountable. Same sheet happened last year with Richards and Riley. This coaching staff is way too slow to react to poor play and bad players are allowed to stay on the field too long. Heck Beasley not only stayed, he was rewarded with big money to be a nothing.
  4. A powerful amount of stupidity.
  5. I really hope that’s the GOP’s defense, because it’s weak as ****.
  6. What y'all talking about we about to run off 9 straight. Quinn and his band of misfits are about to make us all look stupid. Schaub is going to torch the Seahawks for 400+ yards and 4 TDs and there will be a QB controversy on this board this time next week. VB is going to record three sacks this weekend and in the Post Game news conference tell everyone he watched a old Lawrence Taylor video on 30 for 30 on ESPN and realized that you were actually supposed to go TOWARDS the QB when you rush from the DE position. Devonte Freeman is going to average 120+ yards rushing the next 9 games as his o-line starts to snort a pound of 8 ball before the game and actually start to move with some desire. It's all turning around this weekend don't let all this Fake news fool you. Oh yea and our scouting department even though they all come from poor organizations are going to get a A++ in next years draft as they suddenly realize they all don't work for a small market loser teams like Cleveland, Detroit, Washington and Tampa Bay anymore.
  7. BPA in reality isn't "Jerry Jeudy is our highest ranked player therefore we must select him" at #4. Typically teams split each round into tiers, and value players within those tiers. As an example they may have a top 10 grade on a number of prospects and anyone of those could be considered BPA.
  8. Our DL shall henceforth be known as “Sackless But Paid”
  9. If the Dawgs put out another stinker on offense against Florida, you can bet it's going to heat up considerably. It still drives me crazy that Kirby can nitpick every little detail that the defense did wrong the past few weeks, but he seems to have blinders on considering the offense.
  10. We broke that record last week. 5 games. When the Falcons have an objective and the finish line is in sight, they are on point...another record for the good guys
  11. Senior writer for ESPN
  12. Falcons... Quinn... sackless... I mean, I would use stronger language, but same basic concept.
  13. Who is this again?
  14. If you're watching Falcon's games, you would already know we aren't running Kyle offense. There are no crossers, no pick plays. The TE throw back was the first Shannahan play we have seen all season. This is Dirks offense, 4 verts, and you don't even need all-22 to see it.
  15. Nah.....OL sucks, RB sucks, DE sucks, CB sucks...combination of those things = bad team. TD can’t do it but like M Smith DQ gets the blame. That’s just how it works around here. its time to hold spiky hair accountable
  16. The biggest issues with our D is putting scraps around Grady and making sure we ignore the interior DL.
  17. We need to finish this game without a sack to break the NFL sackless record of 5 straight games with no sacks. That's going to be tough. Russell Wilson holds the ball forever because he believes he can just scramble out of trouble and the Seattle OL is also only average. But if anyone can break the sackless streak, it's our Falcons. On a normal pass play, we can just drop our pass rushers into coverage 20 yards down field against their RBs. Also, I'm thinking if Seattle brutalizes us early they could go into a run first mode for the rest of the game. Since the Falcons would probably need a complete team-wide mental breakdown by Seattle to get a sack, we have a good shot at the record--especially if Seattle starts running the ball because the game is over after the first quarter.
  18. She is quite beautiful as well...
  19. I believe you are 100% correct. I've heard it said regarding professional teams, if the coaches don't hold them accountable, the guys will literally, for a lack of a better term, goof/slack off and not take care of business. I think the reason why Alabama is SOOOOO successful is because all the guys know, Saban will get you where you want to go, but you better not cross him. Belichick has the Patriots on notice. No matter how good you are, you can go, no individual bigger than the team or the system. I think the Falcons do give out money too quickly. Think about it, has Matt Ryan ever had to wonder where his next contract was coming from? I said the same thing about Jones. He doesn't seem to be running to the ball and making plays like he did in the past. Not sure if its just "when it rains it pours" and it effects everyone. I hope its not "I have my money, so the push to be the best is over, I can relax." I think players need to "Always" work like they are the 53rd man on the team and they may be cut. If guys get comfortable, it breeds contentment. Blank needs to look at his approach. We need to mix up our guys. I see too many tendencies I just don't like that show on the field. We don't really have any "Dogs" on D. Our OL always seems to get pushed around. We can't get a 3rd and 1. Everything about this team seems to be about "finesse."
  20. Quinn, just say no. Think about this, right now Jason Garrett is a better HC and that ain't saying much.
  21. The Saints didn’t get the memo
  22. No I’d over pay the guy and keep him forever. WRs win championships. Plus it helps your salary cap.....AB knows everything. Falcon for life
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