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  2. I can agree with you for the most part, however, I still think Tru can be one of the better CBs in the league. I give him one more year at least. Kazee can be boom or bust, but for the most part he's looked good and has room to improve. With Debo on the field, Campbell is fine albeit not spectacular. Allen is as steady as can be, although we don't know how he'll do post-injury. While I do think we can add talent on basically any and every level, I still think the focus should be the d-line, as that's arguably our weakest link.
  3. Btw if this needs to be moved MODS I'm ok with that. Don't want to ruffle feathers lol.
  4. I think I got tonight’s plan figured out . If AZ takes Williams at 1 we’ll trade up with NYJ for Oliver at 3. If Williams falls to 3 , Washington will jump NY at 4 for their choice of the QBs(Haskins/Jones) Tampa will go White, NYG will go Allen(top3 player falls in their lap) , this is where it gets interesting at 7 .. will Jax go Taylor, Jonah or Oliver they drafted DT last year & lost their starting RT this year .. I’m betting they go tackle. This is where we trade up to 8 for Oliver . Pick 3 & 8 are both done deals so long as the board aligns to either scenario . TD has his guy in his sights and has the ground work laid.
  5. I’d rather listen to you guys than espn. I’ll have you on simulcast. Im sitting in carpool line geeked for tonight!
  6. Can we add other people? Thanks for including me. Youngbloodz, Fatboi, YoLover, MSalmon & Ergo would love this
  7. 08, I was for Ryan or Long 09, I don't remember having a favorite 10, I wanted Pouncey 11, I wanted Kerrigan 12, don't remember 13, Werner 14, Matthews or Robinson 15, Beasley or Dupree 16, don't remember 17, TJ Watt 18, boycotting NFL 19, Christian Wilkins, Cody Ford, Quinnen Williams (if front office must trade up)
  8. Trade Julio! Got that out of the way...
  9. I'd like to take him and off load beasley. Beasley and a 2nd for Clown town would be nice.
  10. Yep. Dude’s overrated.
  11. I can see that. Wish the Clemson guys had done more drills. It's hard looking at a Ferrell or Lawrence and having no idea of 3 cone, shuttle, vert jump, broad jump, etc. Makes you think if they didn't do them it's because they knew they weren't going to perform well.
  12. @Vandy @Knight of God @VTCrunkler @PokerSteve @Draftnut57 @Falconsin2012 @takeitdown
  13. Will get as big of a contract as Clark and Lawrence even though he does not deserve it. Hard pass even if we had the cap space.
  14. Going to be pretty let down if we grab Ford. This is a weak OL class. Grab another position of need with top tier prospects instead of reaching for a mid-tier one.
  15. If RB’s can gash the middle and QB’s can step up in the pocket then LB, CB, and DE are second fiddle to a space eater alongside Grady. One solid DL makes all the other positions instantly better. I would love to pick up Devin Bush but it wouldn’t make as big an impact as Williams, Oliver, Wilkins or Lawrence.
  16. Lol no thanks glad we didnt get him.
  17. To be completely fair Weatherspoon and Jerry looked good until injuries. And there's no way to predict future injury when drafting.
  18. Phuck Mel Kiper
  19. They don't contradict at all. We don't have someone who is starter ability, you can get by with him by giving him tight end help and scheming plays to hide him. If he was starting ability, would Dan Quinn not have mentioned that he is OK with RT along with C and LT?
  20. ****in right man!
  21. Grady signed his tender after voluntary workouts so that the contract would be guaranteed and he wouldnt get hurt before the guaranteed part
  22. You could be right. I would not complain
  23. This. TD is sure 1 of the 2 will be there. Greedy would make me sick if he is the plan
  24. @g-dawg Let the peeps know because I'll be working all day until that time
  25. If we’re going to be honest only Debo and Neal are the only 2 at the second and third level on the current roster that anyone can truly call legit threats. Campbell is up and down. Trufant is up and down. Kazee is a pure ball hawk at best. Verdict is still out on Oliver and Foye. Allen is good but he has his blunders as well
  26. I'll have the draft board from the forum up with me while Voch and go though the picks
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