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  2. Talking has nothing to do with confidence. Any fool can talk trash or say something that they are going to do. You know what confidence is. Shutting the he11 up and just letting the Super bowl ring on your finger or your MVP talk for you. Takk has neither of those. I could care less what he says. He's not confident, he's just running his mouth.
  3. You have to move to impeach, right? I mean, even if you don't think Senate will remove, you still have an obligation to the rule of law to carry out the proceedings...
  4. I thought that was a Quinn call. Either way it was a huge miscalculation #Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he wanted more pass rushers and he wanted to have the fullback Ricky Ortiz available when asked why Deadrin Senat was inactive.
  5. It would be costly for sure. That's why it's negated some by the trade back in the 1st. You're right about the cost because it's eerily close to the cost of going from 14th to 8th.
  6. Lets remember this moment......
  7. To put it in perspective - Black College Student Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Kissing a White Girl Upshur County jury sentences Houston man to 80 years for drug charge Unfortunately, these are not exceptional cases.
  8. That's pretty cool and a great gesture by the Braves.
  9. I wonder if the best thing Democrats could do with the Mueller Report would be to use it as a comprehensive referendum on Trumps credibility. Someone needs to go through statement after statement Trump made declaring something "fake news" then cite the specific evidence that it was actually true. At some point, his supporters will have to see the con. or not.
  10. Update on Newcomb's start today: 5.2 IP, 3H, 2R, 4BB, 5K 96 pitches, 59 strikes
  11. I have no clue how Acuna lays off those close low and away pitches and make it look so easy. I mean there's barely even a thought about swinging at those. Just blows my mind.
  12. Weaver throwing heat today.
  13. I like his confidence. He can't do it all on his own though.
  14. So we have Trump attempting to suborn perjury, and his aides refusing. We have Trump essentially offering a bribe to KT McFarland in exchange for her creating a false record that Trump never ordered Flynn to talk with Kisliyak. And his aides refused after talking with a WH lawyer because the email would be awkward and, according to McFarland, “it looked as if my ambassadorial appointment was in some way a quick pro quo.”
  15. Freddie Freeman is amazing hitter and player. But that high fastball out of the zone has always given him fits!
  16. Which was a MASSIVE miscalculation because by that point in the season, the Saints were running it more because Brees was running low in the tank. Four straight games under 205 yards. It's like MM had no clue what he was doing...
  17. Nice little inside out swing there by Camargo.
  18. And when told she was being asked to resign as Deputy National Security Advisor, Trump appears to offer an ambassadorship to K.T. McFarland in exchange for her drafting “an internal email that would confirm that the President did not direct Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador about sanctions.” ^^^Trump twice asked WH officials to falsify documents exculpatory to him, and in one case it looks like he offered an ambassadorship in exchange for it. (Page 42 in second volume).
  19. Left? You voted for Trump. Now you've flipped like a rat
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