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  2. I cant imagine paying to watch this team play. Im curious to see the turnout at the next home game
  3. We benched Alford for Oliver. That didn't carry over. Quinn decided after the fact to change both offensive and defensive coordinators. Momentum didn't translate because too much changed. BUT you aren't seriously suggesting the Falcons would've lost on purpose? Doesn't. Happen. Therefore, both sides of the argument are wishful in their thinking at best. One wants more discipline to be learned on the job and translate to next year. Another wants a higher pick. Why can't we have both? You aren't out tanking last years Cards or Bucs team.
  4. I believe we do but we have a loss in communication in people doing there jobs. We also have a coaching issue across the board which creates the perfect storm of thee above. I also go by the adage when building a team 7-8 guys that do there jobs and 3-4 that do a bit more. I get the feeling alot in this fan base think this is an all star game a team of stars in every spot is what’s needed.When in all essence that isn’t the case.
  5. By that logic, smart teams should trade all of their draft picks for cash.
  6. Yep, but where they get in trouble is too many players are playing zone like it's a static coverage. It's not. It's a living breathing animal with rules that adjust the responsibilities. But then when they actually try to function like a live coverage, they bust it by not even following their initial responsibility. It's maddening and I fully understand why DQ is so confused at what to do. He's running as basic of coverages as he can without exposing his defense and they still can't get those right. So what do you do?
  7. Get a young bright offensive mind as head coach, and then get a tried and true veteran DC.
  8. Nah, Campbell is playing it correctly. Ish messed up from the get go. He was supposed to come over and play the flat in a zone like Kazee on the opposite side. Ish was playing as if he were the FS.
  9. It's so bad this season that I'm not even mad about how good the Saints and Panthers are doing. We've got too many problems to even care about them.
  10. You guys do realize that's against the Rams, Seahawks, and Saints, right? It will be hard for us to show progress over the course of the next 3 weeks.
  11. If that's the case, then a depth pick would be the only necessary time to draft a CB. Sheff was awesome. He's a future starting CB, might even replace Oliver now. It now becomes a conversation on comfortability with Tru/Miller
  12. Thats before he invested 1/2 billion into 5 players. Blank has to be steaming that he has paid out that kind of loot and gotten these returns...
  13. Sounds good in theory but there are many 1st round busts selected and many 6th round diamonds selected. Its not a given that a top pick is going to give you a winning team. Frankly I don't think this team could make a winning organization if they got the first 4 first round picks before any other team picked, each year for 5 years. The wins were meaningless in the scheme of things. Winning those games didn't make this team suc this season and losing those games would not have made this season any better.
  14. Ah, makes perfect sense. LBs cover the underneath stuff in the middle and Ish/Kazee handle the flats.
  15. This is why I'm still watching. For all of the people who excused Bryant and who felt horrible for Bryant yesterday, Matt Ryan never hears the end of how much he sucks. If they ever ship Matt out of here, I'll be switching allegiances. I've been a fan since 1989. It's a freaking joke how much hate our fans have for our hall of fame QB.
  16. I think several factors come into play, the first being, is 1 season enough to go off of? Secondly, will firing your oc after one season scare off a potential candidate? Then you look at who, what kind of system do they run, does our current personnel line up with the oc’s philosophy and can he recruit. Not to mention, is Kirby willing to lose his south Florida lead recruiter, knowing that he will most likely be losing another horse, in Dell, within the next 2 years. If Fromm were to come back, that would be 3 oc’s he would have played for. You need more stability than that.
  17. They Improved this game. So... is this still valid ?
  18. Idk, but I wanna talk to the people that buy their tix week of lol.
  19. Campbell was actually correct. Because there was a WR to his side, the corner is going to carry him vertically. That means Campbell has to look for any deep crosser behind him and carry because he's the hook curl defender to the opposite side. Sheffield effectively does the same since he didn't have a WR to his side. The crossers were picked up correctly, with Debo providing leverage support underneath for them to pick them up. Where Ish gets in trouble is letting the vertical release of the crosser on his side take him out of his responsibility and he finds himself deep when he's the flat defender. Like Kazee. He should have never been that deep but he was doing somebody else's job and paid for it. That's why nobody was there.
  20. Here’s the key question: under what scenario does Quinn turn it around?? His scheme is a flop, he handed $13m to Beasley in a deal so horrible that it makes the Jon Koncak deal look good, half the team doesn’t even try anymore, the defensive players he drafted don’t fit the scheme, the city will never forgive him for SB51, etc. Just fire him and move on. Had we lost the ‘16 NFCCG he would have been gone a year ago
  21. 500+ yards. Euphoria descends on ESPN and NFL network, who both immediately crown the Saints as the NFC's best team with some old Katrina clips in the background.
  22. Quinn is responsible for the 53 man roster. Beasely wasn't an outside free agent. If Quinn told TD that he wants Beasely in his 53 man roster and that DQ will personally work with him to return to his 2016 glory, TD has no option but deliver his HC the players the HC wants
  23. Yeah, that was pretty BAD!!! But you have to consider the source --- imo, this would be almost as bad, considering how much I despise the Taints!!!
  24. 11 years, how many years have we had a good OL or DL? Maybe 2 good years of an OL and 1 good year of a DL inthe last 11? It is a defect in TD's scouting and player evaluation skills.
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