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  2. I REALLY hope this is the end of Touki and Wright this year.
  3. It really never crossed my mind. Not sure why anyone needs to speculate on why a man is or isn't married. Maybe it isn't important to him.
  4. I've been channel surfing myself. this game is over...
  5. I mean... the dude twice quoted me just now and said something completely irrelevant to both posts. Then he accused me of not giving Trump any credit when he originally quoted a post where I explicitly gave him credit for the exact thing WFW called me a hack for not giving him any credit about. And his response to me pointing out that Greenwald condemned Trump leading that "send her back" chant was something stupid like "I enjoy reading Glenn's thoughts but we don't agree about everything." And like I'm pretty sure the only thing WFW ever knew about GG was that he ranted about collusion and showed up on Fox News because of it. Uncle Grandpa is losing his already limited mental capacity.
  6. they slapping the braves around...
  7. That is horrible. Time to start trading these guys.
  8. Been watching Strange Evidence for the past half hour lol
  9. Yep, I am done with this game.
  10. Strasbourg hitting better than our hitters
  11. Not boiled though. That **** tastes like bland baked beans in a shell
  12. I remember when they wrote a book about Rahm in 2007 or so that explained how Rahm's ruthless and practical approach of promoting conservative moderate candidates, preferably veterans, and leaving progressive candidates out to dry had caused the death of the GOP. Well, at any rate...
  13. Or a 3 wheeled toys r us cart.
  14. you might be able to get a Toys R Us bag for both of them.
  15. Unfortunately, there's serious concerns with Anderson as well. He's been great for a 21 year old cold weather guy, but on the data that we know, he has very, very low spin rates on all of his pitches. Basically, we might have failed on almost everyone evaluation wise with the pitching. Outside of Soroka and Fried kinda, it looks absolutely horrid right now. And Soroka is a young prodigal mind, a bit of an outlier.
  16. I would drill Strasburg, why not
  17. I say trade Touki and Wright for a bag of peanuts.
  18. Neither one is ready for the majors.
  19. Dang Touki seems to need a trip to Gwinnett to start for the balance of the year. Cant trade him his value is way down. Wrights not ready. Maybe next year.
  20. Pre-... Preseason?! Don't talk about preseason. You kidding me? Preseason?
  21. Yup. One thing we got going for us is that Brees' APY won't increase significantly like it has after signing previous multi-year deals. Not true, Sproles' last year in New Orleans (2013) our offense was 10th in points and 4th in yards. The following year, the offense was ranked 9th in points and 1st in yards. Between 2014-2016 (where we didn't have that Bush/Sproles/Kamara satellite back), our offense was 1st or 2nd in yards all three years. The only reason we went 7-9 those 3 years was because the defense was correspondingly bad being either 32nd or 31st in points or yards. Kamara has a decent amount of leverage and he'll be paid accordingly. Payton won't let him go. But yeahhh, you'd like us letting Kamara walk in free agency, wouldn't you...
  22. their pitcher gets a homer and we get a ground-rule double.
  23. That’s a lot of money for 7-9
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