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  2. Cominski gonna break that streak
  3. Now add Takk & Crawford & Clayborn
  4. Basically, the Falcons will suck again next year.
  5. It's like, in your mind, you think you're the only one that understands the salary cap.
  6. Which brings us back to the central question, why wasn't Quinn willing to let go of him when he had a pretty decent offer for him? There were simply no grounds for such fierce loyalty or realistic grounds to expect significant improvement.
  7. Timing, disguises, and communication.
  8. This doesn't bode well for the 2020 Dems field. Either way, this is like putting good money after bad.
  9. Today I learned 12.8 and 15.2 equals 30. Even with that extra 2 it still wasnt top 5.
  10. check out this thread. Everyone needs to understand the entire salary cap situation before saying what is smart and what isn't.
  11. I bet they think Night Court was a documentary.
  12. This makes no sense to me. Quinn has basically equivalent or almost equal talent to what we had in 2016-2018. This year we have 1 win. Why isn’t the talent producing?? That’s TDs faults? All he does is bring in guys that Quinn wants to mold. Some work and some aren’t working. Vic and Duke didn’t get it. Grady Rico Debo and Keanu get it. Takk has the effort but needs refinement. Oliver has a skill set but needs the same. A lot of us including DQ blamed the DC and OC for inefficiencies I’d take Manuel and Sark back right now We made the playoffs with Sark and Manuel DQ has our defense the worst it’s been in 4 or 5 years.
  13. I've actually begun to wonder if Blank fires TD and lets the next GM decide if he wants to keep DQ. They are separate pieces now.
  14. You just took the team from 39 players to 30 players. Now you need 21 more players to get to the top 51 contracts counted. You have 31/51 = 60% of a team. Add back lets say Chase Young and his $6mm cap hold. Add back Hooper and his $10mm average and $6mm cap hold. I don't believe Alex Mack will be cut because that only exacerbates the issues on the Offensive Line. So let's take your figures as gospel for now except let's back out Mack. Now we are at 31 rostered players and a total of $26mm in cap room. Now you have 34 players under contract and you just ate up $12mm of the $26mm you say you cleared - I'm too lazy to check your math on if we save that much. So we have $14mm in cap room to sign 17 players that will count against the cap. The 2nd rounds will eat up another $2.5mm in cap room. Now you have 36 players under contract and $11.5mm in cap room while needing an additional 15 players that count against the cap to fill out the roster. That is still very ugly - means besides the lower salaries we have on roster already made up of scrubs and rooks, the average salary of the additional 15 players will be rookies 3rd-7th rounds, UDFA's and scrub veteran free agents - average salary of those 15 players would be $766,666/player. Rooks and UDFA's that make roster make around $500k - no money left for any free agents at all other than the ones sitting on sideline for 3 months that just need a job. Also, not only will Mack not be cut - but I don't see Rico being cut either. Which makes the math above even worse.
  15. You are possibly correct. In my opinion, if that happens, the Falcons are going to be terrible for the next half decade. I personally believe about 60% of the issue is with the coaching and 40% lies on the players. Trading any of them that have value, taking our lumps next year, and moving on with new coaches and draft picks for them to build is probably the quickest way to build again. But that is my opinion.
  16. You have no idea what you're talking about. Trading Julio would hit our cap to the tune of SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS. Best you can do is spread that out over two years. That would be the dumbest move in NFL history. IMHO, not that far off from actually giving Julio that extension in the first place. We should have traded him in the offseason. We'd have picked up at least two first rounders for him, and wouldn't be in this cap **** that we're in now.
  17. Thats a giant portion of it. They'll have a lot of personnel decisions to make. Trying to put the best GM/HC tandem together.
  18. how mad would you be if TD is still here and he draft someone else with our 3rd pick haha
  19. Agreed. I will go ahead and pick on Takk. Perfect example. Watching the draft I couldn't believe the Falcons selected this guy. Especially with TJ Watt available. To be 100 percent honest I felt embarrassed to call him a Falcon as I watched his bizarre behavior on national TV. I tried to support the Takk selection because as a fan I felt I had to. I'm to the point now that I can accept any and all changes the Falcons make. From GM all the way down. The more the merrier. I wouldn't even be upset if Arthur Blank sold the team.
  20. Lets do it the only sack record we gonna break
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