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  2. Fried Falcon tastes great! I never tried it? Tom Brady Told me how good it is?
  3. The Brotherhood is silly! That is something kids would use not grown up professionals. You don't see such stupid stuff with many other professional teams. It is nothing but childnessess in my opinion. Buckle up brotherhood let's go lose another game lol!!!
  4. This almost certainly means bye-bye Vic - it they can find a trading partner. That’s a big if. Think other front offices haven’t seen what we’ve all seen?
  5. Quinn is so impotent during the games, I can't see any reason to keep him at this point. And I was a big supporter of his until this season. I think he's burned out myself.
  6. I would trade Hoop for a 2nd... I think we would get a 3rd in compensation if we let him walk.. I don't mind getting rid of him.. but he is the least of our problems... lets trade Vic and Tru.. those 2 are the ones that need to go ....
  7. I want Sanu to get a ring and as such will be rooting for his success but I ain't becoming a Patriots fan. I'm still a Falcon warts and all. P.S. Same arrangement I made with Teco in SF.
  8. I like riding on a Wagon that actually has wheels or in the Patriots case Tank Treads! The Falcons wagon is wheelless, and struck in quicksand! Have you looked at the Falcons Salary Cap situation? WoW! They are about to into a 10 year abyss!!
  9. Because I was hoping for a real discussion on the topic. Instead I got "this guy sucks in my eyes so he must not be all in!!!"
  10. A lot of bad decisions a lot of bad contracts.
  11. I don't believe him either. Sometimes I listen to him, and in the middle of what he's saying, i can just tell he's kind of pulling stuff out of his a$## just to have something to say.
  12. Posted my thoughts earlier in this thread. Hang tough brother, you can do this. Praying for Willie and your family.
  13. We had tougher situation in 2008 and 2015. Next year draft will be key. The rest will fall in place.
  14. So why are you still here? Pretty sure the patriots have a board. If you like being a bandwagoner go for it.
  15. Prayers for you brother. Take a break from everything and reach out for help. You are young and have lot to look ahead. Leave the past behind and have faith that life will be good in the future. Don’t hold back, grieve and get some counseling help.
  16. I hope y’all enjoy 1-15? From where I will be setting 16-0 will feel good for my Patriots then we will steamroll the AFC in the playoffs once again! ( for the 20th time) and then which NFC doormat will Rise up this year??To be our punching bag in the Superbowl It will not be the Brotherhood That I promise you!
  17. This is their get right game! Probably 5 sacks!
  18. Lol... I'm rooting for sanu but I will not jump ships I go down with em...
  19. Shoot I was trying to sound stupid and uninterested and I did too good of a job. I meant burger... but you got me there.
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