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  2. This zero of a head coach has been sub .500 since his epic SB collapse. What in God's world is three more games going to prove? Is Blank seriously this delusional? What does he think that the football Gods are going to sprinkle pixie dust on this horrible, embarrassing, underachieving, spineless team? Actually, I pray that Coach Zero doesn't get fired in order to secure a higher draft pick...
  3. I guess we'll just keep doing what we've been doing since the formula has been so successful thus far.
  4. Well, the only time we actually played well was in primetime. Maybe we need more primetime games?
  5. Strong side is playing zone, weak side plays man. That's a bold strategy Cotton.
  6. And you think the fact that they don't overpay replaceable players is irrelevant to their success?
  7. Didn't say he did but also don't want to pay him to be someone he's not either.
  8. ^burn it with fire
  9. This and putting in Luke Jackson in Game 1 instead of sticking with Fried as your closer from the beginning. That changed the whole momentum which led to us losing Game 1. Would have been a sweep over the Cardinals if not for this. Smitker over thought with the pitching. I would have also started Mike Soroka more too.
  10. So how does that change the fact if Matt Ryan hadn’t thrown 3 ints the games close. Who cares if they had injuries how’s that our problem.Our defense had there oline under pressure most of the game. Its typical the game the Falcons played half pie decent one of our fans says it’s something thee other team didn’t do is the reason why we won. Man that’s some BS right there.
  11. The only one crying and whining here is you. Give the lions their imaginary yards and points and they are still not nearly as effective on offense as we have been. That's a fact. What are your facts again?
  12. He will get a job somewhere as a position coach. Teams like hiring former HC. Falcons have become a second chance saloon for fired/former HC, Coordinators, and GMs.
  13. Forget all that, we are talking about the Special Teams coach. Not the OC, not the DC, not the d-line coach, the reciever coach. The freaking special teams coach. It's like saying, "who should we hire to be the next CEO?... Another teams CEO? The CFO? The CTO? the CMO??? No,I know! how about the IT manager we fired last year?"
  14. Pats are close to the best every year because they have thee best coach in the nfl and probably one of thee best to ever do it. Using the Patriots as an example is a poor comparison because if everyone just did what Bill did it’s to easy right click your fingers SB.
  15. Libs when they realize that not all white people support Trump even though he's white.
  16. He did and we got lucky...9 out of 10x we should have lost that game with any other opponent. They had their entire WR group and others way game should have been this close.
  17. Can’t answer that right now because I don’t know who will be and won’t be here.Once we know what or if there’s a new coach coming onboard then the picture will become clearer.
  18. Imagine being Joe Biden right now lol
  19. Even in tank mode I still expect them to win one or two.
  20. That's literally any team in the NFL outside of maybe Miami lol
  21. Yea...honestly we are a few bad plays from 3-3 or 4-2. The NFL is weird like that.
  22. This isn't baseball, it's not as simple as trading a guy away and washing your hands at their contract.
  23. I really do like Russell Wilson, he’s a really good player (and person) and I think he’d do some serious damage behind a competent OL. I can agree to an extent that he does hold the ball a bit too long but I don’t think it’s the result of a bad trait; I think it’s more out of necessity due to how quick his OL in beaten and he starts taking on pressure from somewhere. If he’d just chuck the ball away every snap when he starts taking heat, they’d literally have no offense. So he has to use his mobility to generate at least some offense and sometimes he gets rundown before he can get out the pocket.
  24. BS and if Matt Ryan doesn’t throw 3 ints this game isn’t close.
  25. We're gonna beat the Bucs? Based on what? Have you checked Jameis Winston's career stats against the Falcons? 7 G, 159/236 (67.4%), 1985 YDS (8.4), 20 TD, 5 INT, 112.7 QB Rating But, the Falcons are gonna beat the Bucs? Yeah, in a dream world. Winston has thrown 4 or more TD passes in a game only 5 times in his career and 3 of those are against the Falcons.
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