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  2. We need to rename our offense the "Meth Cooter Offense." The defense is the "Meth Teeth Defense."
  3. Prototypical size. I'm not sure he's proven enough yet, but he'd be one to look at for sure. I mean, for a team that plans to drop a top 10 pick on a QB. Not for us.
  4. Yep. I would put in Ty at the RG and Brown at LG if carpenter can’t go. I can’t blame TD for this years mess. They went and got some depth or Ryan wouldn’t have lasted two weeks with Wes.
  5. Well, you are still my hero! No matter how twisted you think I am!
  6. Hopefully we get the top pick, and teams fall in love with him, Tua, Herbert, etc., and we can skewer all of them for future picks so they can draft them, lol.
  7. Not bad at all man. Great Job. My friend is the producer / Director for Horror Hotel series if you've even seen it.
  8. Exactly. This team isn't going to fix itself by splashing a ton of money in FA it needs to rebuild/retool through the draft. The only guys on big, long-term deals are guys you would hope they build around (Julio, Grady, Debo etc.).
  9. One good year and now he's the next best thing.
  10. It showed Trump committed crimes and it lead to 12 to 14 other investigations that are currently still ongoing.
  11. A lot of people on this board had the same reaction, they will come around like we did.
  12. Has bill been calling defense in the past few seasons ?
  13. This
  14. So no we are playing the blame game on Ulbrich? I doubt that he was the reason Devondre has quit on the team or that he is responsible for the lack of talent at LB outside of Debo.
  15. His arm looks impressive, and he can throw those fades in the RZ. What are your thoughts about him?
  16. Mmmm....didn't know about that record. Pretty impressive, huh? But that seems like light years ago. And I don't know about splitting the game up like that....might not be fair to either guy, as well as Matt Ryan and the Offense. I DO know, that something needs to change, though, and probably will....I guess we'll just have to wait and see what transpires over the next couple of weeks ---
  17. The public was never moved by the Mueller investigation, and it was crammed down their throat anyway for two ******* years, to no visible affect whatsoever on Trump. Now the Democrats are relying on enough people being horrified by a similar, but far simpler crime that looks sorta like what all world leaders do to each other, just like the election interference looked like something everyone does to each other. And you're psyched up that the polls are saying that 60% of independents that respond to polls agree that he's terrible and should be removed. I care about beating him in 2020 because that's the only way anyone's going to beat him. And it's ******* ridiculous that the media is going to keep speculating on Senate Republicans being willing to flip on Trump when they're not going to, but since they are going to do that, I'd rather them say that Republicans are excusing all his **** than excusing something they excused as soon as they heard about it, already knowing what he did when they heard about it in September. Otherwise, it's going to be in the news about three months and Trump's still going to be using it to rile up his base while everyone else is tired of hearing him brag about beating it. I think the resentment over the decision-making would really pick up after he's reelected, should that be the case, because people are going to ask why the Democrats wasted their impeachment on the Ukraine call just to get through the process quicker. The Democrats won't answer back that they were following the polls, so their answer'll sound like ********, even though it'll be with the benefit of hindsight at that point.
  18. Slow to the party but you got there.
  19. Point is the Saints have been handing out stupid contracts for years and continue to kick the can down the road with Brees. I give Loomis credit, he can sure manipulate the cap like a boss. You all have just been nailing your drafts of late...
  20. I wouldn't doubt it. Takk is a low first round guy, who doesn't fail because of a lack of effort. He fails because his talent level isn't in that elite class. Everyone sees Beasley loafing on Sundays. He might as well be picking plastic daisies off the stadium turf.
  21. IKR! I mean, this is common sense that apparently few understand. We don't get money back next year. It isnt subtracted from jack sheet.
  22. Hard pass. Never. I saw a shoot interview with Arn Anderson and he said that if pro wrestling were real, the heavyweight champion would be Meng (Haku in the WWF) and no one else would even be a challenge. The stories of some of the legit fights he's had in bars are legendary.
  23. Just to clear up this comment ... Since 2017 the Saints are 30-9 (.769 winning %) in regular season games. They have right at $27M in cap space with the Top 51 accounted for in 2020. I accurately described how they flipped their fortunes from the days of cap helll.
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