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  2. Isnt it sad that we even have to list that as a attribute for professional players.
  3. He is a fvcking lunatic.
  4. I'd keep Rico because he seems to be the only secondary player with a brain right now. If they're changing schemes, I'd keep him as a bridge solely for that reason. A hard working, smart player who will push the roster.
  5. I would keep Neal. He should be very cheap for what you are getting. Tru could go either way. I would keep Rico he would do better in a role where you dont need to be a incredible athlete.
  6. And here we are: Mulvaney concedes that Trump’s desire to investigate “DNC server” was part of the reason Ukraine aide was held up reporter: so it was a quid pro quo Mulvaney: we do that all the time. get over it. politics is going to be involved in foreign policy elections do have consequences Essentially: We'll do whatever the **** we want. We can't be prosecuted. We won't be impeached. We are above the law. If people don't like it, they can vote us out. (But they won't because we coerce other countries to assure victory for us..)
  7. We have been drafting the same for better part of the decade. There are two first round DE on the team all drafted by DQ. The problems are deeper.
  8. Yeah, after Smith got embarrassed by the Manning family, he responded poorly. Rivers became His Guy, and His Guy needed to start. In a way, Smith and Rivers were a perfect match since everybody hated both of them.
  9. Hey guys. The old man that wanted other countries to investigate weather or not a kid of a politician made money from his father's name wants to hold the next G-7 summit at his resort in Florida.
  10. I agree on all 3. Honestly after Neal was injured this season I was kinda hoping they’d do their due diligence on every SS available via draft or FA and rescind his 5th year option and move on. I like him but never been in love with him. I’m more of an offensive guy over defense so I won’t pretend to know how each of the 3 fits and where they excel.
  11. I got a lot of negatively for post ing that the Falcons should have tried to go defensive line in the draft. Even did some draft scenarios...
  12. I think this Mulvaney revelation is going to land hard with the public. So far it's been a question whether there was a quid pro quo. Mulvaney admitted it -- we held up military aid in exchange for Ukraine digging up dirt on political opponents. So the only question now is whether the public think that's appropriate. Very few of them are going to buy the "nothing wrong here" argument.
  13. Also, Schotty had play off failures reputation. It’s like why MS was fired despite injuries in 2013 and even if he made playoffs in injury plagued 2014.
  14. The timeline regarding Mulvaney's "it wasn't about Biden" is important. The aid was held up just a week or so before the phone call with Ukraine's president. In the phone call, Trump specifically mentions Biden. So it WAS about Biden, by Trump's own words.
  15. It looks like he was trying to fix the perceived issues of personnel and scheme by moving to whatever this mess we see on the field. It's a mix of different schemes and it appears to be continuing to confuse the players. He should have kept Manuel or hired a different DC.
  16. Yep, Smith robbed the Chargers of so much talent. I think the biggest friction between Schottenheimer and Smith was over the Brees issue. I think drafting Rivers was more of a Smith decision than a Schottenheimer one. Schottenheimer liked Rivers, but I think he wanted Brees to be the guy and didn't want to draft a QB. Brees getting injured was pretty much the end of that saga.
  17. And these are not new issues. Had the same issues with different players in 2018.
  18. I have to wear reading glasses now. I feel like Peter Falk in The Princess Bride. 1600 × 871
  19. Another Elite thing:
  20. And right below that, they talk about being only better than Falcons and Dolphins in pass rush and passing defense. this didn’t age well.
  21. Super sad to see Alex Mack get handled by WTF is a Corey Peters
  22. The word is not racist but the context in which it was used certainly seems to be pointed in that direction. For example, Donald Trump is a lifelong citizen of New York City. Is he "urban"? And if you think I'm trying to be funny, then please explain exactly what you think he meant when he said it. It was a stupid commentary anyway because it makes me wonder who is permitted to endorse a candidate and why.
  23. Yea, this last tweet isn't remotely true. When has universal healthcare meant single payer exclusively? And the article he is quoting is about Medicare for All meaning Single Payer. But As I posted previously,
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